Maarten Baas for Established & Sons



Milan 08: Dutch designer Maarten Baas showed prototypes of The Chankley Bore, a new furniture range for British brand Established & Sons.


Photos are by Mike Goldwater.





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  • B.S.

    Oh dear.

  • Maarten Baas is having a laugh :D

  • cath kim

    is this play doh? i shope so because this cant be for real

  • bla

    … i dont get it..
    it doesn’t seem to fit in with anything else established have ever done.

  • I’d love to get the second piece shown for my son.

  • bald skull

    is this stuff for kids?

  • Matthew

    oh man, just burn it! wait…

  • Davide

    gosh! if this stuff gets the approval, i’m going to at Estabilished & Sons and ring the bell – with a huge pile of random drawings in my hand!

  • Billy

    I beg to differ just because. I thought this was Established & Sons strongest Milan so far tho I didnt like the Jasper Morrison designs

  • What

    I think he just rented Disney’s Monsters Inc. and got inspired…badly.

  • It’d be hard to match up with any other kind of furniture. So… I love it.

  • Honggo

    haha, at least it made me laugh….

  • greg

    Rancid, a kid could do better !

  • nick

    It’s the new memphis design.


  • yc

    and it still makes me smile…

  • abdulqadirabas

    i would like to have a piece……!

  • Maria Sobrino

    I want one…they are curious and hillarious!

  • sander

    Of coarse Maarten just just sits back, relaxes and smiles at everyone who’s crazy enough to buy such a piece of …
    Maarten thinks he can make everything now he’s got the succes,. and maybe, maybe he’s right about that…..
    He can make everything, just like everyone of us, …. Only, Maarten does it….
    It’s like a poker game isn’t it Maarten, “All in,……or nothing”


  • Gianfranco

    Fine but not excellent for the kids playroom.

  • I’m honestly not sure what to make of this. Don’t know if he’s really reaching, or laughing at us. Or both. Either way, he does continue to surprise people…without question. That alone is valuable.