Cube 6 by Naho Matsuno



Milan 08: Cube 6 by designer Naho Matsuno turns from a cube into six stools and back again.


Matsuno showed the project in the Salone Satellite at the Milan furniture fair.


The stools are made from birch plywood and maple and the cube is 350 x 350 x 350mm when slotted together.


A version with three stools is also available (see below).



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  • ar


  • LeMul

    Yeah that’s cool, I prefer the version with three pieces, as it is more integrated to the idea of nesting, the first version allows certain pieces the autonomy of normalcy or the traditional stool, while the others are made to accommodate it, most notably the piece in the bottom left of the first image. All in all pretty smart though.

  • You have to thumb thru the user guide to put the puzzle back together.

  • Arian Hakimi

    d design z great & d way d designer has used 6 surfaces of cube & slotted them in a form of a chair is brilliant!!

  • Japo

    Ahhhh the japanese…
    these guys are yeeeeeears ahead of us occidentals.

  • Juampi

    Awsome!!!! Ideal for a populate family!

  • yulisri


    that,s not just good design but also green design,
    maximize function to use,
    and minimize waste and place uses,,

    i love that,

  • space issue won’t be an issue anymore with all those “furnitures inside a box” design trend, great !

  • planing to have a party ? just buy this box, you’ll get many tables to set up

  • Marcus Des

    The first thing I see coming out of Milan this year that’s clever as well as beautiful and practical!

  • Bioz segundo

    clever , now evolve with that consept!

  • I like the idea, after reading and found out that it’s made of maple, I love it !

  • I was watching Naho last autumn in London design week
    showing the cube. Brilliant, intelligent, and with lot of
    passion for making future more playful.
    Bravo, Naho!

  • zuy

    put starck in this magic box and ask him if design is dead?

  • Beauty, fun, precision and economy. Faultless.

  • Rinetsu

    The best i ever seen!