Metal Lace drain by Joana Meroz



Milan 08: at designersblock in Milan last month, Joana Meroz exhibited her Metal Lace drains for sinks.


Meroz draws the lace-inspired patterns by hand, then has them laser-cut from stainless steel.


The products are part of an ongoing project called The Ornamented Life, where Meroz adds unusual decorations to objects and areas of the home which are usually overlooked. See our previous story for more from the collection.


Here's some text from Meroz:


Lace becomes very useful when its patterns are applied to metal drains. And drains turn from boring utilitarian objects into a decorative accessory.

Like a piece of jewelry which high-lights the eyes, the carved lace-drains brings the colour and shape of the sink back in focus, transforming your entire experience when brushing the teeth or doing the dishes.

Size: 8cm diameter


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  • miki

    I would buy one even thought it does not seem very practical.

  • Jelle

    something I always wanted to design…

    urgh, don’t really know if design should go all the way to this.

  • tom

    this project reminds me georges perec (species of spaces and other pieces), when he described such small details, as this one, in spaces…
    it’s all about the beauty of details within details.

  • bioz segundo

    great idea,, but why let the screw out of the composition , when it can be part of the design

  • daniboyd

    this is stupid and ugly, also reminiscent of the arts and crafts period. very impractical as well.

  • JC

    This kind of project is direclty related to Joep Verhoeven’s how to plant a fence.

  • While I would not go crazy over it I do find in to be a nice touch to a otherwise over seen element of kitchen/bathroom.
    I can’t speak about it’s usefulness or not.

    @ daniboyd : You seem to have a lot of energy left over in order to fill your day with such a crappy comment – perhaps try and be a bit more constructive in the future. (it helps)

  • bald skull

    it’s all in the details. i like it.

  • Wow! That is awesome. Just ran into this site – bookmarked! Keep up the great job.

  • A b 3

    I would have been alot more impressed if the function hadn’t been so sacrificed in pursuit of form. The larger holes will be better qualified to swallow diamond earrings or any small accidentally dropped object.

    I hope there is an ingenious quick-release-no-mess U bend for the plumbing to go with this design.