Reboot by Victor Vetterlein



Reboot is a conceptual house designed by Victor Vetterlein to be completely self-sufficient.


The pod-like house makes use of solar cell paint, wind turbines and rainwater collection to harvest energy.


The internal environment is digitally controlled and operated by voice activated sensors, remote controls and touch pads or remotely from a mobile phone or computer.


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Here's some more information about Reboot from Vetterlein:


Introducing ‘Reboot’, a POD house by Victor Vetterlein.

Reboot is designed to be self-sufficient, wired, and fluid in form.


Reboot is self-sufficient and eco-friendly. The building is constructed with a space frame, and the outer skin increases structural strength through double curvature. The skin system consists of a vapor barrier, dense foam insulation, and metal sheathing where the exterior face is glazed in solar cell paint. The surface of the building serves as a solar energy collector.


Supplemental electricity is provided by on-site wind turbines and energy is stored in batteries on Deck 1. Wind power is also used to pressurize a large canister to operate the hydraulic elevator and the water treatment system. The smooth outer skin of the building acts as a foil against adverse weather conditions, and the rooftop serves as a water collection surface where rainwater runs into a drain located above the resin laminated glass windows. The water is stored in holding tanks positioned below the Main Deck and managed by an in-house water treatment system on Deck 2.


Natural ventilation is provided by operable vents located at the top and the bottom of the structure. Lastly, the building’s mechanical systems are stacked on two floors above the Ground level eliminating the need for massive ground penetrations and a large site footprint.



Reboot is computer operated, fully automated, and wired to the max. The household living environment is managed by a direct digital control (DDC) system that oversees support networks such as lighting, heating, cooling, music, entertainment, and security. The user operates this system through voice activated sensors, remote controls, and touch pads.


The DDC system is accessed and controlled any distance from the dwelling via a laptop computer or a cell phone. Skylight covers, fresh air vents, retractable media screens, and retractable partition walls are also operated by the DDC system. Doors throughout the building are pocket doors and operated with motion or voice sensors. A main computer room on Deck 1 directs the DDC system, and an on-site satellite dish connects the house with the outside world.


RPOD050108_Fluid Form

Reboot’s floor plan is void of hard edges and fluid in form. Upon entering the building at the Ground level, one sees an elliptical glass elevator shaft that refracts natural light from the skylight above. A white stairway with a glass handrail encircles the elevator, winds upwards through two support service decks, and arrives at the primary living area on the Main Deck.


A hallway with walls covered in a white acoustical meshing leads to the Bridge with a panoramic exterior view as its terminus. The high gloss white floors and arched ceiling of the Bridge reflects light from the exterior scenery and amplifies the radiance of colors.

Public functions are in the front of the building, moderately public functions in the middle and private activities in the rear where there are two sleeping cabins. A panelized floor and wall system allows for a changeable floor plan for future living adjustments.

Reboot is more than a proposal for a private residence. The design of Reboot incorporates twenty-first century advancements in computer aided design and construction, building science and technology, and environmental awareness and energy independence.

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  • sam

    beam me up

  • poster

    is this a joke?? WHY DOES IT HAVE A LOO – SHAPED VOLUME?

  • Michael

    The Enterprise was self sustaining too the last I checked. Star Trek meets a mountain loo…


    Quite funny!
    ‘New Ross Lovegrove design for Vitra’ can’t escape my mind… in lack of more ‘graphic’ descriptions… ;-)

  • giannis

    how come no one sees that looks like a toilet?

  • Will

    Daft Punk are rumoured to be ordering one each.

  • Fling

    This is the work of a first year design student, so please give them some slack – we were all young and naive once.

  • banalor

    I just want them to install a laser beam cannon to the top, some tires and then fear the mobile death (but enviromentaly friendly) house!

  • DCP

    why is everything justified by being eco-friendly nowadays? no matter what you do, as long as you say something about protecting mother nature you’re sure to get it published somewhere… I’m not saying it’s a bad thing people finally start to get preoccupied by ecology but the market is turning ecology into just another selling argument…
    Why not pump the produced energy back onto the electricity network, energy storage in batteries is probably the worst thing you can imagine if you’re concerned about ecology. These batteries are real pollution timebombs.

    Besides that, I would just like to say that we still have something pretty fascinating called ‘hands’, that, among many other things, allow you to open doors without any hypercybergadgets. I like to use my ‘hands’ once in a while actually. Not just to push on a button.

  • lin

    this is the coolest thing really!! so funny even looking like a toilet!

  • Arch

    eco-gadget architecture.
    does the future have to look fluid, seamless and sinuous?

  • Jackalope DanK

    Cool enough to take my breath away! Victor’s work is sure to gain the respect and admiration it deserves on innovation alone. Keep an eye out for this guy in the future.

  • DP

    this is awesome… i love daft punk!!!

  • John Avlakiotis

    I am sorry to say, this seems realy ugly. It looks like a bad futuristic TV set of the 60s’. It also looks like a toilet. I can not imagine this anywere on the planet, looking nice.
    The ecological approach could be applied to ANY other building. So please stop using this as an excuse for any weird looking proposal.
    Ecological issues are not just a trendy ‘must’.

  • jek

    frightening, and a quick look at the website shows some amusing furniture designs . . . . presented in cotton wool . . . !

    yeah, you wouldn’t have to gather so much natural energy, solar, wind, water . . . if you didn’t have the ‘internal environment’ controlled by computers in the first place; and if you could manage to WALK up the stairs rather than use an elevator, you would use even LESS energy . . . amazingly wasteful.

    This looks like a ‘futuristic’ design of 50 years ago, and a bad one at that.

  • james

    Is this a doll house

  • renato

    Jek, i don’t think it’s enough to stop using energy to save the environment.
    It’s like to stop breathing to save the air.
    What we need is a new source, and not to go back to stone age.
    You can decide if you want to walk now a days, did you notice that?
    Besides, Veterlein’s design ‘can’ be dated, but not a waste.
    Look at Niemeyer’s museum at Niteroi (Brazil)

    I think Vetterlein remarks that transgression is innovative just by pointing out one’s interpretation as long as we pay respect to each others individuality.
    We came to a turning point in history where references overlap one another continuously.
    With internet you can be comparing old and new, reality and fantasy without fear, and Vetterlein looks for its meaning. And synthesizes it.
    Even the shapes and forms we were used to are no longer represented by their usual images.
    Look deeper…

  • L.Leng

    really nice!

  • jed

    the only eco-friendly thing about this is that no one is ever going to waste resources by building it.

  • charles


  • Danny

    Is this a joke. ugly, insensitive, how much energy is required to make it look like a gravity defying toilet/alarm clock? has this moron ever opened a book on passsive or low energy design?

  • WTF2007

    i see a futuristic version of a jousting or gladiator’s helmet with the antenna as the plumage. very cool.

  • Morgan

    It looks like naval architecture to me.

    “What a fun ship, holy cow/They’d never believe it if your friends could see you now!”

  • Can you make it out of somethiing sustanable like wood.

  • cs. claudio

    Great and strange…

  • Dmitry

    Interesting, but too strange… It looks like for aliens

  • Arto Kenson

    Interesting? No. Sensible, responsible, logical, workable, innovative, alternative? No. In what possible way environmentally aware, organic? How much energy used for a “simple” single-family dwelling? Walk through the centre of the house to get to any other room on the same floor? How is waste disposed of? How much sustained hurricane-force winds to power both an elevator and a water treatment facility? First-year student? Hardly; practicing architect,which is scarier. Handy it looks and works like a toilet – if it were truly environmentally-aware, it could just flush itself down the drain.

  • Wei

    the photoshop work is, for lack of a better word, bad

    the detailing on the renders just made it seem too cartoonish; there was really no need for the buttons, grills and gosh, that hideous antenna

    sections and plans look like a first year’s work

    and all that talk on solar panels, wind turbines and rainwater collection is just claptrap. they’ve become superficial mainstays in every presentation that tries to be sustainable.

    there should be less hype on ‘eco friendly’ additions and more considerations for embodied constructional energies please

  • Luther Z.

    This proposal is a provocative design to say the least.

    Might I remind everyone that it has been proven in history that the best ideas are usually perceived by the general public (closed minds) as crackpot ideas.

  • alex and curtis

    it’s cute, that could be the future. haters aren’t welcome in the future.
    what’s the deal witht he galleys though?

  • looks like an oversized toilet and a space alien combined, its a great concept but poorly rendered

  • ORGANIC mesh house springs

  • Mary

    If this is a professional working on a serious project i can only be sorry
    I just saw ‘another’ one from you…
    What you’re showing around makes one think you’re a joker.
    If this is the case…, well, good luck…

  • Joe B.

    ‘it’s better to fail in originality, than succeed in imitation.’ herman melville

  • I’m ready for blast-off ! lol… Too funny.