Him and Her by Fabio Novembre



Milan 08: Casamania launched the Him and Her chairs designed by Fabio Novembre at the furniture fair in Milan last month.


The chairs are made from polyethylene and are available in black, red and white.


The following text is from Fabio Novembre:


From the Book of Genesis: The Lord God crafted man from the earth and blew into him the breath of life and man was alive. And then the Lord God took a rib that he had taken from the man and from it crafted a woman and lead the woman unto the man. Now both the man and his wife were naked, and they felt no shame.


Him & Her are born directly from the ideas behind the Panton Chair. An evolution of the hermaphroditic original, declined into the harmony of the two sexes. They assume sculpted forms like naked models of seduction but they feel no shame.


Following two photos by Settimio Benedusi:



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  • zuy

    i’m agree with you Dina…Imagine this chair among Rodin Or Claudel sculptures or among some Panton chairs…

  • zuy

    with flash software you can enter in the Fabio Novembre’s world even if you dunnot like this chair

  • zuy
  • headplow

    Its hard to improve on the human form. Certainly there is a time or place for these, I agree they are impractical for public use. Personally I see them as art more than gimmick but each person has to question where their mind is when they view them. One thing no one can argue, they sure make your ass look great sitting in them.

  • Burak

    Fabulous, Sexy, Great design
    That’s what we need to see , free minds..
    Can not see the similarity between Him & Her and the Panton…
    Totally different imaginations..
    It is a must to have one for me,the best design I HAVE EVER SEEN SİNCE SO FAR

  • Lary Seer

    This is by far the most ugly chair i have ever seen
    i do believe it would be better as simply a sculpture
    the her chair really is quite beautiful.

  • Sigrid

    My husband and I immediately fell in love with these chairs as soon as we saw them, they are the most beautiful and imaginative chairs… We need to have them for our dining set; I can’t wait to have family dinners; you just have to have fun, that’s all, folks!

  • d

    Eduardo Says:

    June 1st, 2008 at 12:11 am
    are we back to the tasteless 1970s?
    really ugly and inimaginative

    sorry? human body is the most estetic thing in the world and to use it on an object is quite imaginative!!!

  • Brian





  • Rieke Feyen

    love at first sight. would like to receive retailer adress in Turkey to buy one. Thanks. Rieke

  • anon

    This is a design, if you don’t like it, at least RESPECT it.

  • R. J. Fusillo

    Sigrid is the only who gets it. FUN!! We bought two white ones for the back porch, and probably will buy two more in black. We saw them at the architecure bienale in Venice, sat in them, and wanted them. I admit we have thing for chairs — we have more than two dozen of the twentieth century classics, and lust for more. But what the hell– cheap and FUN. Loosen up, folks ( except Sigrid).

  • merna

    hi my name is merna i just would like to ask for the size os her and him chair / casamania,


  • Aggie

    For me it is magnificet! I will use it in my bathroom – it will stand neer the mirror. It’s a kind of sculpture but useful one. There is somothing amazing in human body shapes and Fabio used it.
    And – yes, I can imagine my Grandma sitting on it – it is a question of sense of humour.

  • marcel farhood

    tres beau merci

  • frank

    Where can i find this chair in belgium.
    i need 4 of this beautiful chairs

  • Mingosiu

    I’ve 3 Panton Chairs and have just bought 2 a pair of the Him and Her (both in RED) today for my new house in Hong Kong. I like the Panton as well as these new designs. We should respect the designers and their talents even if you have comment on their designs. Love it or not is completely a personal preference.

  • Lile

    I love it . It’s his (Fabio’s)emotion , his free mind….Great work, feeling…

  • huadimao

    maomao looking for perfect ass^._.^

  • OddStrange

    This is the most hilarious chair I’ve ever seen. No joke. Forget calling it Him and Her. Just call it…. the Butt Chair. That’ll sell really well.

  • Freddy Garcia

    This chair style is going to be the new Vatican-cardinal’s seats.