Alexander McQueen store, Los Angeles,
by William Russell



Architect William Russell of Pentagram has completed a new store for fashion designer Alexander McQueen on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.


A sculpture of a human figure by Robert Bryce Muir (below) is suspended in a light well above the entrance.


The LA store is the fourth Russell has designed for McQueen, following outlets in London, Milan and New York.


Here's some info from Pentragram:


William Russell has designed the new Alexander McQueen store in Los Angeles. The flagship shop is located on Melrose Avenue on the corner of Melrose Place and is the latest in a recent expansion by McQueen, which has seen Russell designed stores opening in Las Vegas, Moscow, Bahrain, Osaka and Vilnius.


The stores employ the interior design language created by Russell and McQueen for the three original Flagship Stores in London, Milan and New York, creating a branded spatial experience full of drama and intrigue.

The theatrical quality of the interior, inspired by McQueen’s extraordinary catwalk shows, compliments the clothes while the limited palette of materials and precise detailing allow the collection to stand out.


The Los Angeles store is unique for two major reasons. Most importantly, because this was a new-build project on a vacant site, Russell was able, for the first time, to design the form of the exterior as well as the interior.


Working closely with the landlord he has created a streamlined building in stucco and curved glass to the street with a large private courtyard behind.


The second point of difference is the installation of a large sculpture by Robert Bryce Muir. Visitors to the store are greeted by the feet and legs of the piece, entitled ‘Angel of the Americas’, suspended through a skylight above the entrance.


With his head and shoulders outside the store, the figure appears to be levitating.


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  • bald skull

    looks nice. will have to check it out.

  • edward

    Super slick! And don’t be so gauche as to ask the price of anything.

  • Mattia

    Awesome store interior. Looks like a cool place to shop, with great drive-by signage for LA’s car culture that totally fits into the already existing built environment. The integration of the sculpture into the structure is particularly special. Also, I love the shelving/mirrors/cases that come sweeping down from the ceilings. Next time I’m in LA this will definitely be on my list of places to see.

  • JuiceMajor²

    Luv the hanging man sculpture. But the interior is pretty much the same as any of his store. Still beautiful.

  • 14street

    i wanna live there ;o

  • Gama

    postmodern to death.

  • 20th Street

    I can’t help but see those as the legs of someone that has hung themselves….

  • El Greco

    The giant floating lifesaver is pretty cool.

  • space age cool but metal man i find a little creepy

  • zuy

    great!!!! levitation in space when shopping…..Alexander is a master of theatrality … and mobidity :i think here of his luggage for Samesonit death ? Aid? model’s anorexy? it’s he more for Alexander Mac Clean

  • zuy

    sorry read this : it’s here in interior design for luxe clothes in LA , a nice box for Alexander Mac Clean

  • roadkill

    in great Russell fashion… it looks impeccable; well done Will

  • jake

    the outside looks very art deco…
    i like.

  • Robert Bryce Muir the Great

  • Viktor Mari

    very alexander mcqueen.

  • Call the Police! The Silver Surfer has committed suicide!

  • ilse

    all good and nice but the hanging alien man…a bit tacky…takes away about 20% of the class and slickness of the overall design…if there was no freak stuck in thhe roof it would have been perfect..

  • don’t mind.. cool idea! great execution! no pun intended!

  • Marina

    Hey, does anyone know which is the material used for the floors and wall-ceiling? Thanks a lot.

  • shima


  • The white is a great way to make the clothes pop. I really like it.