King Abdulaziz Center for Knowledge
and Culture by Snøhetta



Construction has begun in Saudi Arabia on the King Abdulaziz Centre for Knowledge and Culture by Norwegian architects Snøhetta (via Bustler via Dezain).


The centre, commissioned by Saudi oil giant Aramco and designed to "reflect the history of oil in Saudi Arabia" - will incorporate a museum, library, theatre and cinema.


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The following text is from Snøhetta:


King Abdulaziz Centre for Knowledge and culture by Snøhetta

In competition with some of the world’s greatest architects, Snøhetta has won the competition to design Saudi Arabia’s new cultural centre. Saudi Aramco – the world’s largest oil company – is the client.


May 20th 2008, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz set the cornerstone for the cultural centre which will house a museum, library, theatre, cinema and more. The building reflects the history of oil in Saudi Arabia and is different from the country’s architectonic traditions with its abstract and spectacular form.


Along with five other internationally known architecture offices, Snøhetta participated in the competition and was chosen in preference to famous names such as Zaha Hadid and Rem Koolhaus.

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  • James

    I like the material they used…

    … but i’m sorry… I love Snohetta’s designs, but this one… looks like dog poop

  • hawk

    i can’t see how this can be a museum for saudi arabia’s oil industry history. it doesn’t even reflect on the architecture created.

  • mukhtar mohamed

    illike this desgin and very importent in saudi pepol

    this desgin is Creative and new architectural in saudi

  • architect. mohammad al-amin

    To be a different and modern if you chose a flowless form, i don’t think it define modernism of architecture. It is an unnecessary caricature which only can absorve by illiterate middle eastern rulers. not a good design at all.

  • mahrous

    is that rocks combined together or what !!! and what the relation between that project and the desert around it everywhere , I think just annoying reflections ………..

  • yeah!!!!!!!

  • albe

    Transfer of capital to a non Arabic entity shows that Arabic architects are scarce, or just not up to the task? BTW whomever pays the piano player names the tune. Isn’t that the case here? Kickbacks possible – send check ASAP with self-addressed, stamped envelope.