Global Warming Rug by NEL for Nanimarquina



Mexican design collective NEL have designed Global Warming Rug for Spanish textiles brand Nanimarquina.


The rug features a felt polar bear on a small iceberg in a large sea of carpet.


Here's some info from Nanimarquina:







Global Warming contrasts the comfort and softness of a rug with a thorny problem that is specific to our time. Following the age-old tradition of using rugs as a means for communication and a cultural record, NEL is portraying global warming in a scene that invites us to reflect on our impact on today’s world.

Overshadowed by politicised discussions, climate change has been pushed off the front pages and into the science and financial sections, which has alienated the debate – as well as considerations of responsibility – from the personal social sphere. The rug, with its soft surface and charming felt bear, reclaims the reality of what is happening to our planet and brings it into the day-to-day realm in an attempt at spurring the individual into reflection and action. Global warming is a bid for hope. It represents our aspirations for a better future and a world that might be.

Global warming is part of Nanimarquina’s new catalogue, which will be presented during the Feria Internacional del Mueble in Valencia from the 23rd to the 27th of September 2008. Nanimarquina will be exhibiting at Pavilion 8, Stand D90.

NEL Collective
NEL is a platform for experimentation formed by an evolving collective of Mexican designers. The collective serves as a channel to create and exhibit projects that focus on the conceptual and playful side of design. The organic nature of the collective allows for an ever-changing pool of designers, which in turn generates a wide variety of projects that range from political statements to playful storytelling or aesthetic explorations.

The current members of NEL, all Mexican, are Ricardo Casas (1979), Alejandro Castro (1982), Héctor Esrawe (1968), Emiliano Godoy (1974) and Cecilia León de la Barra (1975).

Nanimarquina is a leading company in the textile decorations sector. Its collections are sold with great success in more than forty-five countries on five continents.

Nanimarquina guarantees that no child labour is used in the manufacture of its carpets. It collaborates with Care & Fair – an organisation created with the goal of eradicating child labour in the carpet industry in countries like India, Pakistan and Nepal – to which it donates 1% of the value of its imports from India.

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  • Maxence

    I think it could be interesting with Coca Cola on the rag.
    I hope the child is not burning his legs with the computer, in front of this cold rag, it’s a piece of contradiction, isn’t it ?

  • B

    that will help!
    i think the whole carpet is generation more attention to the designers than the actual problem.
    and it a problem that needs to be stressed? I think we all know about it..there is no suprise here…its just an illustration to the problem…nicely done..but just an illustration..
    one would be hoping for an exciting view on the problem…maybe even a solution?

  • Azeem

    I hope that the kid won’t trip over polar bear while walikng across the carpet.I din’t expect it to raise straight out of the rug, & what’s with the half naked kid , did they ran out of glamourous Girls??.

  • One

    HOw come that this kid was not allowed to sit on this carpet? The piece is more about personal artistic statement than a matter of commodity…?

  • sander

    The production of this carpet doesn’t contribute to a better climate I think….

  • atomant

    hah! i would make a carpet with dollar signs standing out all over, that is much more real and interesting :D

  • White Paper

    Seriously… we need to be reminded AGAIN on the climate situation with something that actually doesn’t do ANITHING for the enviroment? Score….

  • edward

    The boy is a reference to the manufacturer’s policy of supporting an organization that fights the use of children in the rug trade in India, as I read it, a worthy contribution to humanity, as is the lesson of the rug.

  • J

    All this Global Warming merchandise crap is the growing evidence that the climate hysteria is nothing more than a new economy. A new way to make money, sold as something idealistic.

    It’s so poor.

  • JoJo


  • chris

    ummm….does anyone see the glaring irony of producing MORE STUFF in the name of “””global warming”””, as that would entail manufacturing and logistics – the output of energy and fuel, subsequently adding to said global warming,…assuming we “evil” humans are the main contributing factor to said warming of said globe. Clearly we need to be responsible about the environment, careful about what we churn out, and that includes churning out products that “”””save”””” the environment. The “green” movement is now about as close to a fashion statement/marketing strategy as you can get. The sky is NOT falling…..only our reasoning is.

  • Jen

    I don’t understand what’s so infuriating about this that makes everyone rage about it. It’s a rug, made by a responsible company, with a nice message. Is it better than another rug by the same company? I don’t think so. Is it better than other people using kids to make their products? Certainly!

    Furthermore, global warming is a real mess. If some rich kid gets to know about it because his trendy parents bought this, then kudos to the designers. Right?

  • lucklucky

    Usual crap… there are more ice in the Artic today than in last year…

  • zuy

    global warning is now in all marketing stategy…as chinese warning…profit warning

  • zuy

    but i like the concept not the naming … more poetical or surrealistist or humorous name could be better ice ruggggggg !!!! for ex….

  • acd

    Fashion and marketing may exploit the desirability and ethical kudos derived from ostensibly sustainable or low CO2 products but this has absolutely nothing to do with the green movement. I am concerned about the effect if being green goes out of fashion…

    I agree with Jen, if this attractive rug serves to remind the half naked kid to turn the tv off properly, and maybe inspires his dad to comtemplate that X5 more carefully then this has to be a good thing.

  • Dani

    I wish the polar bear was 3D, he looks kindof awkward just poppin up all flatlike.


    hey! this is just a nice rug… let’s forget about it!

  • Maxence

    I think it could be a great project if the polar bear scream everytime a person walk on the carpet, where this electronic system is modular by a complexe solar system ?
    Do they give a tape with the carpet to know the ethical problems, with an introduction to surrealism ?
    Do they make a rag with a tree in a desert to remind us about amazonia ?

  • Petra

    It is very funny to see the discussion about the Care and Fair label.
    Due to German MANAGER Magazine and DER SPIEGEL 19/2008 the label is misleading as it is a self made logo – made by a carpet branch association which doesn´t guarantee an effective control of child labor. You can buy the use of the label for EUR 200.00.
    Nani Marquina doesn´t care about children, she cares about herself and her profit.

  • zuy

    in fact i’m agrre with mitec it’s one more carpet as the droog warning climate vase it’s no more than a vase double Aalto with more material… global warning project is a more deep project …

  • Candy

    What does this carpet tell us? Nani Marquina´s contribution to the global warming. Some symbols need to be added: Ships, trucks and airplanes;

    the routes of transportation of the wool from New Zealand to India; the carpet from India to Spain, from Spain to the rest of the world.
    It rather makes the problem worse than good.

    Nanimarquina is only pushing up her fame and fortune at the expenses of others.

    Another product of the category: “Products that nobody needs”

  • zuy

    Candy resumé: if you produce a global warning carpet you need to use spanish wool near your manufacture and not sale in the world. So Nani Marquina will become a tribe will “favela” around… and indian will sale it to the world… Is it a better solution?

  • zuy

    Story telling
    As you see the child uses a computer on his knee than can burn him as it’s not low energy deskstop and he is on a cold polycarbonate transparent Philippe Starck’s Chair called Marie…”a wikness” said Starck
    May be he is reading : “design is dead”!!!!or he is looking for a plastic desk

  • Heath Ledger

    Bullshit emoti-hype eco-fag piece.
    Carpet production comes from pero-products…
    How very green.
    Liberalista faggots.

  • zuy

    peru? pero?

  • petro?

  • miss thang


  • Mama

    To sell anything today you just need to put “sustainable” or “green” in front or at the back of your company’s name. Same thing happened with Y2K, remember? This is like a big mac with a fat kid toy on top saying “we need to stop eating junk food”.
    I like the carpet but drop that whole environmentalist rhetoric in order to sell it.

  • marcus

    i like the carpet, i don’t like so much the 2d bear and also it’s useless.
    It could be just printed as a flyover view.

  • Marc

    I agree with Mama.
    short-marketing-green-claims are just fascism.

    Enviroment is a very very complex thing.