BLALYS by Suga Architects Office



BLALYS is an apartment block designed by Japanese architects Suga Architects Office in Toyonaka city, Osaka, Japan.


The building comprises 34 apartments.


See the project website for more information (in Japanese).


Photographs by Yoshiharu Matsumura.


"A scale exterior puts out and the unknown has put out feeling of quality like the becoming it organics. The light is improved because of blue light at night and a different space is produced."



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  • freedom

    i couldn’t decipher the intentions.

  • dh

    For some reasons, this looks like a faily sad place to live.
    I see where the architect was trying to get, but there is a lot more to explore to get to the essential.

  • chatte noire

    seems to be very depressing…. exposed concrete should be used very carefully to create a dynamic and sharp look, which is completely missing here!
    ….the pictures convey a overtly massed, clumsy structure….i’d never wanna live there, at least.

  • One

    I donno what some people,or architect and developpers, like this kind of Bunker so much. It is killing… to live in…?

    I would not do this, but what about you

  • Seth

    A Modernized Bedrock!…where’s fred and wilma?

  • Seth

    The Pattern doesn’t even turn the corner properly……?

  • JDC

    In the apartment in Osaka, I think that it is a reformative design.

  • I like it

  • edward

    A vist to Suga’s uber cool web site will give a much better understanding of the project. One may see it as brooding but I like the quirkiness of it. As some other Japanese designs we have seen here, bathroom privacy seems to be considered an affectation.

  • One

    I saw it on the wab site that architet looked for serene sphere in the noisy Osaka Metropolis. I could imagine this.

    But then this pattern is a noisy pattern….?

  • Azeem

    The courtyard & the interior images are beautiful.

  • christopher

    It’s brutal.

  • N

    The water pool is kind of akward. I assume is not for swimming, jsut for decoration, eiter way looks cold, especially if it might be never hit by sunlight.

  • jake

    sexy and brutal

  • Maxence

    I like this project, rock architecture. Maybe it could be in Helsinki’s project ?

  • Timmy

    This is one of the best housing designs I’ve seen in a long time but it doesn’t show from the pics on dezeen. Check out the website link and the pictures are amazing. Their bold use of materiality, especially concrete and wood, and well thought out lighting scheme make this such a unique and surprisingly comfortable and beautiful place to live. The denseness of design of views, moods, environments created make this place seem so rich.

  • amsam

    Ugliest. Apartments. Ever.

  • heath

    fire escapes into the pool; how clever.

  • olgv.

    a little bit spookie…

  • Artistic Interiors

    Not enough contrast in materials for my taste.

  • sam

    the inner courtyard is interesting, but overall the color/texture is a big oppressive.

  • sam

    a “bit” oppressive.

  • xing

    too many concrete, absorb heating and release at night

  • dag

    Depress my ….

    I think it is a beautiful piece of architecture…

  • yrag

    As the tanks roll into Georgia it’s time to declare—BRUTALISM IS BACK BABY! This time for a new millennium—All the spiritual oppression, but with twice the tehnology! Care to goose step Big Brother?