Ferrer store by Studio Arne Quinze



Studio Arne Quinze have designed the interior of Ferrer, a new fashion store in Nieuwpoort-Bad, Belgium.


Clothing in the store is clustered around carpets and hanging screens or laid on pearlescent, textured shelves, walls and counters.


Photographs by Dave Bruel.

The following information is from Ferrer:


Carla Ferrer opens high-end concept store designed by Studio Arne Quinze in Nieuwpoort-Bad, Belgium.

Belgians be forewarned for a new addiction, as Ferrer, a new high-end fashion store designed by Studio Arne Quinze, just recently opened its doors to the public.


Owner of Ferrer, Carla Ferrer, is a well-known figure in the international fashion scene. Backing up on years of experience in the fashion industry and given her Southern European roots, opening Ferrer seemed only a logical next step in her career. ‘I want customers to discover their own style in my shop,’ as she puts it.


Chic, excellent in finish and sophisticated, and at the same time adventurous and experimental, the clothes and interior design of the 200 sq meters concept store breathe the same air. Oozing luxury but never plain, the wide open space is dotted with various little textile islands offering curious visitors a chance to explore in a more private way the thrilling collection of exclusive clothes
and accessoires on display - among them brands like Patrizia Pepe, Atos Lombardini, Liu Jo, See by Chloé, Tara Jarmon, Vandenvos, By Malène Birger, Filippa K, Designers Remix, Just in Case and Chris Janssens.


Mysterious shining curtains, ornamented with little crystals knotted into the strands seclude these little fashion paradises from the rest of the space. The sparkling gems lure the shopper inside.


Studio Arne Quinze immediately was caught by the idea of creating contrasting elements, executed by the broad array of materials used, the visual tension between the comfortable, inviting ‘niches’ and the concrete open space in other parts of the store. Raw versus refined, chic and sober, clean and rich, soft and harsh, new and old, fabric and plastic: it seems like numerous tactile conversations
are going on simultaneously, without one predominating another, allowing the visitor to wander around and, led by the clothes, create his own language.


Special attention goes to the custom-made sculpted counters and walls, at no two spots having the exact same look – every time one visits, a new element pops out. With a pearl-glazed finish and tactile, irregular pattern they may capture the soul of Ferrer best: personal, individual, sophisticated, chic.







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  • M!

    i love it.

    specially the texturized walls.

  • very attractive texture using.
    I dont like the standings much.

  • edward

    Very feminine…and why not?

  • WTF2007

    boring fluff-n-stuff.

  • Maxence

    Oh my god ! It’s like Pierre Paulin’s work. It’s a compliment, but in this case, …….

  • Zenza

    Crap. Once again.

  • Fbot

    There is nothing exciting about this. Another post just because it has a designer name attached.

  • zuy

    except texturized walls nothing catching eyes

  • Azeem

    love it !!.Its gorgeous!!. I wish they had some design element with the Long,standing hangers.

  • zuy

    may be the photos give us bad ideas of materials …

  • Dirk

    I went to Nieuwpoort to see the shop and was disappointed. The pictures are great, but very misleading.

  • iqixx

    I’m agree with dirk,
    The photagrapher has done a great job, Arne hasn’t ….. (once again )

  • prashant singh

    i want to open a fashion store can you help me

  • JessrD

    I live in Nieuwpoort,
    This is one of my favorite stores!
    It’s really lovely,
    nice collections,
    polite people,
    helpfull (if you want :D )
    The photagrapher showed the beauty of the store !

  • It’s so beautiful, I like it very much.