Snag by Patrick Frey and Markus Boge



Patrick Frey and Markus Boge have created Snag, a range of wall-mounted boxes where extended joints form hooks.


"The extension of a tenon makes it possible, in a most simple way, to have a wardrobe with hang-up functions" say the Hannover-based designers.


The boxes are supplied in maple, beech, walnut and ash, and can be hung with mirrors.



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  • K. Rimane

    the black version is my favorite

  • Zenza


  • edward

    Just a nicknack.

  • Azeem

    Creative, carpenter!!

  • zuy

    the concept is so simple but new …but it not enought to be a good design, i dunnot like the final product …

  • zuy

    in fact the designer must study more the uses of the product and not do extensions of tenon …of a jasper morisson box…

  • big loss of wood.

  • zuy

    @pieterjan explain your comments by examples

  • Kris Adams

    I think Pieterjan means that more wood has to be consumed to produce a little extension of one joint.

    Its a quirky design but in these times material can be used better.

  • Exactly for my life style :). Simple and functional things.