Ground Zero by Slinkachu



An exhibition of work by Slinkachu, an artist who installs tiny figurines around the city, has opened at Cosh Gallery in London.


Scenes created have included miniature dear grazing alongside cigarette buts, a man standing by a cash machine and a tiny woman using a post box, positioned next to the real thing.


Slinkachu modifies and paints figurines made for model train sets before installing them in streets and parks, where he photographs the scene and leaves the characters behind.


The exhibition is open 28 August - 20 September. A book of the designer's work, entitled 'Little People in the City' with a foreword by Will Self, will be launched on 5 September.


Here's some more information from Cosh Gallery:


GROUND ZERO: Little People in the City is the first solo show from Slinkachu featuring all new works at Cosh Gallery, Soho, this August. Slinkachu has taken street art to a new scale, painstakingly hand-painting tiny characters that live in a world that’s too small for us to always notice beneath our feet.


His street installations are constructed in all sorts of public spaces, the portrayal of little lives that mirror our own. Working in miniature opens up the city landscapes in unexpected ways and this is explored in Ground Zero where he literally brings you down to a new level.


Ground Zero is both street art installations and photography. The two go hand in hand with thesubsequent photograph uncovering his hidden world. The show depicts the little fears and anxieties of city life and the general feeling of being alone or insignificant in a large city. While the scenes reflect the loneliness and melancholy of urban life there is always an underlying sense of humour and feeling of empathy.





























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  • c-h-y-b-a-s

    i like it…

  • gaque

    These are brilliant! Very inspiring work…fun and intellectual at once.

  • brown_ie

    some of them are quite fun, but in general looks like a funky idea from a group of friends in a bar!!!

  • Pelu

    great !

  • trent

    cute! what a breath of fresh air

  • andy

    If carlsberg did street art it wouldn’t be this good!!!

  • Xit

    Nicely done, bravo

  • Start Hel

    Wau! Banksy related, but more something.. Scale is something to play with. More this!

  • maama

    so londonish!

  • One

    unique, everybodyCOULD hav done, yet so far, so original. Speaks to me well.

  • John Avlakiotis

    This has great quality and humor!
    I Like it very much.

  • chris

    very good. fresh, inspiring art.
    great work

  • atomant


  • Zenza

    Pretty cool

  • nique

    haha!! a whole new perspective of proportion! i like!!

  • Caroline Collett

    I loved this – cute, clever, child-like and strangely endearing and subversive. I’m buying the book!

  • cihan gelerli


  • m.

    simply amazing:)

  • This is glorious, funny and thought-provoking.. I love it!

  • Monk

    LOVE it

  • funny, cool, nice… great!!!

  • Fling


  • ongjunhao

    this is geniusly quirky! kudos!

  • Tom

    Brilliant, this is a sweet project. I particularly like the snail with the London transport logo, and the men fighting on the pavement. Plus you don’t realise how small everything is until the camera zooms out.

    Nice one.

  • alexndra


  • Jose

    This is great! I especially like the snail with a tube logo!!! I guess it’s quite ironic..

  • alex

    Beat that!

  • archenx

    can not like it anymore……

  • ladywewa


  • very very creative.. i really like it.

  • Gordon McGinn

    I am inspired by the art works of Mr Slinkachu. It is perhaps not conducive to effective concentration while driving. Suddenly I find myself more sensitive to all that is going on around me.

    Is it that we treat events that do not impact us in a personal and invasive way as small, so small as not to even be real?

    This artist’s work has made me more sensitive to all that goes on around me. Every news report, events that affect others throughout this globe that we call the world seems to take on a new and desperate importance.

    Thank you, Mr Slinkachu

  • This is extremely thought-provoking and a great mastery of distorting proportion. I particularly love the snail transport one and the image used on the cover of the book with the man having shot a bee. It brings everything into perspective. Well Done My Slinkachu!

  • yo

    Simple, genius idea. Thank you for this.

  • Thank you, Mr. Slinkachu.
    I found this book very inspiring! After watching your book carefully, I felt real small in this world, more than ever! But at the same time, I think I can find something in these big cities to feel good about and realize how big we can be, even if our actions seem to be small or insignificant for the rest of the world. There is always someone thinking that our actions aren’t so insignificant at all, and we can fell well about it and move on.

  • We publish the artwork for Slinkachu and welcome you to view his work in the gallery anytime. His work, including new releases “Glory” and “Spilt Milk”, can be viewed at Enjoy.

  • ru

    As it is good that we of the correct size and we use correct proportions!! It is photographed perfectly well

  • iar

    perfectly small
    it's so inspiring me!
    thanks to you!

  • jonathan

    a few years back, my friend and I decided to invade Providence, RI…