Shanghai by hop!design



Italian designers hop!design will launch their Shanghai screen at 100% Design in London this month.


The free-standing structure is assembled by inserting poles into diagonally spaced holes in the base.


The following is from hop!design:


hop!design is proud to announce its participation in 100% Design from 18 to 21 September, Earls Court London on this occasion we will present for very first time our new product Shanghai.


An original multifunctional and transversal system for subdividing space, easy to use and with unquestionable aesthetic appeal.


The object is recognizable by its color, its irony, playing with users senses. It is suitable for various situations, freely interpretable; designed to meet permanent transformations in our way of living and working.


Ideal for creating new spaces in the case of expositions, installations and temporary events in general. It represents a suggestive alternative for dividing living areas, spaces of work, showrooms and environments for a collectivity, and many other compositions as well.


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  • curtis

    Why let them die at the base? i think a cast white metal base that implied that the base of each stalk was flaring out or anchoring individually into what ever it sat on could be more poetic.

  • BangPow

    ^Sadly Curtis, their way of doing a base is cheaper and probably nicer;)

  • Extremis’s sticks?? WTF?

  • leopoldo

    nice work :)

  • Kricc

    Just Perfect !!!!

  • Honkie

    already exists in about 3000 restaurants around China, Japan, Malaysia.
    very dull indeed.

  • Mattia

    Saw this on last week – sad to see that Dezeen was also unable to edit out such a blatant copy.

  • jpb


  • zuy

    what’s the “differencial design” between this and belgian design company Extremis’s product designed by Hsu-Li Teo & Stefan kaiser

  • The extant ones that look like stands of bamboo or reeds blend much better into their environment, although admittedly they don’t possess the same level of irony…

  • zuy

    same concept, same project , not exactly the same product(?) than Extremis, Belgium 2003 designed by belgian designer born in Germany Stefan Kaiser and Hsu-Li teo from Malaysia.and they work together in Melbourne, Australia.

    Click to discover a larger picture! Courtesy Extremis

    ‘Sticks’ Space Divider

    M A T E R I A L A N D D I M E N S I O N S
    rubber + fibreglass-reinforced polyester
    height: 120/150/180 cm – base: 50 cm x 25 cm

  • omar

    as already stated, but i want to reitorate, this is a direct rip off and i’m really dispaointed to see it here on dezeen… endorsing copying. embarasing product, poor post.

  • jon

    “An original multifunctional and transversal system” well it’s not original is it when someone’s done extact that already! learn to do some research before you decide to promote it.

  • jjdnsll

    ya, i immediatly related it to extremis sticks as well…
    too bad

  • Billy Bob

    Bertoia sculpture-esque. similar design was introduced ICFF 2006.

  • xtiaan

    omg, pipes… PIPES! where can i get some expensive, bespoke, overdesigned, pipes (preferably matte white and powdercoated) from….?!
    I REALLY need some designer pipes, like NOW

    please email me if anyone can help….

  • zuy

    see this simple system to subdivising space