Big Brother House by JDS Architects



Here’s another building for the Ordos 100 project in Inner Mongolia in China, this time designed by Julien De Smedt Architects.


The house is one of 100 private residences, all designed by different architects selected by Herzog & de Meuron for the project, which is masterplanned by artist Ai Wei Wei. See designs for Ordos 100 by Luca Selva Architects and Estudio Barozzi Veiga in our earlier stories.


The following is from JDS:



A house of 1000 m2 can almost be populated rather than inhabited to the least it can entertain quite a party! We have designed a house around the principle of big brother, a place where one can watch and be watched. A house where the circulation is gathered into an atrium of hedonistic leisure and excess, an unavoidable place of pleasure control, that distributes its visitors and party goers in the confines of protected rooms.


Each room flanked on this panopticon atrium is equipped of a private terrace, or dune, that continues the idea of the original desert over the house. Similarly the desert is trapped inside the atrium to form an oasis of sand.


Climatically the house functions like an igloo: the outer rooms act as a layer of extra protection to the indoor atrium space.


The larger space allows for natural ventilation both of itself and of each individual room.


The programmatic layout allows for maximum publicity on the 2 primary levels while the top floor is dedicated to the master bedroom and attendance, turning it almost into an apartment within the house.


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  • gaque

    the climate buffer isnt very convincing. and, how do you enter the house? do the windows open?

    also, why the panopticon? so that the inhabitants can peek at the other self-referential and shiny houses?

    the capturing of an interior desert room is interesting–but it really, really looks like a suburban mall. ouch…

  • gaque

    why is the dubai tower comments blocked? looks like a giant mecca of energy consumption and the excesses of excess.

  • yimyim

    OMG, is this serious? It’s like a 1st year project, lol. Or an average entry from one of those 3 hr design comps. Seriously, wow.

    PS no offence 1st years we WERE all there too at one stage…but we developed….or at least some of us did…

  • One

    Huuummm…. this one looks like building of H&dM by the hands of other architects…

  • Mariusz

    I would like to see your progresive projects YIMYIM!!!!! attache some!!!

  • chris


  • *MIRTEC*

    box + box + box + box + box + box + box + box + box + box + box + box + box + box + box + box + box + box + box + box + box + atrium = ???
    another boring product of mankind… who hypes these people anyway??
    can’t get it…

  • monsieur!

    cool, a primary school nativity model
    love it, good to see some quality back on dezeen

  • roborocketpod

    Come on Denmark, i know that you speak better english than this….

    this is diagramatic at the best.

  • One

    It looks like the house give lodging for travellers or some kind of Caravan type. Allsame rooms around one central court. I mean who lives like this? Chinese family?

  • pop

    very smart very efficient… i like it

  • thcpet

    “We have designed a house around the principle of big brother” i stoped reading right here:D

  • Jibbles

    Obviously Bjarke Ingels was the more talented one from their earlier PLOT partnership. Ouch

  • yrag

    OK pop, it looks like it’s just you and me.

    I really like the juxtaposition of a group of boxes forming a circle, forming a beautiful atrium. Clearly most find it simplistic, however I find it cleverly simple. So pop, pack your bags— we’re off to Inner Mongolia. I’m in the mood for roast lamb, perhaps with a yogurt glaze. How about you?

  • Soupdragon

    Nice to see someone getting their first year project published. Perhaps they can now move on to look at the word ‘context’.

  • love it.

  • human being

    basically,i cant comment whether i like or not
    i dint see new intention of the house for desert climate
    even the atrium i dun think it suit

    1st yr project?!
    i rather believe it as artist’s

  • jhonny 5

    I think this project is fantastic, there are so many haters here on dezeen, maybe the guys at dezeen here could show their projects… oh thats right you haters dont have any because you are all sitting in boring offices playing your little violins at your shit lives wishing you were doing good stuff… stop hating and leave good architects to do what they are great at, creating amazing buildings, also maybe become a little more informed before you comment like actually understand the context and the project rather than just commenting on whats ‘cool’. ITs so fashion, so pop sulture, so boring, just like your little lives…YAWN. Get a life, and as many people have said on this website before … show your shit- if your so damn good. I say big up JDS a company run by a man in his early thirties and who are renownedly considered ias one of the most exciting up and coming architects in the world. Stop the hate…more love.

  • d
  • Arg

    Cool, it looks that those foam cutters are working well doing some cubes!. Keep up with this good architecture! (ironic mode off)

  • fernando

    how u can build that?

  • thrower
  • LAmm

    i want to know inside