Mrs Hudson by 2-B-2



Ukrainian architects 2-B-2 have sent us images of a toilet called Mrs Hudson.


The designers say the shape is based on a "modified water drop".


It is believed to be named after the landlady of fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. Possibly.

Posted on Friday October 10th 2008 at 4:47 pm by Rob Ong. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • WM

    Piping hot.

  • Evan

    From a biological standpoint, this toilet is set much too high to be considered good design. A lower toilet seat is more conducive to an individual’s need. Victor Papanek talks about this in his book, “Design for the Real World.”
    Pleasing shape though.

  • hendrix

    It’s like you’re s***ing in a green pipe.
    Nnnnnice….. not!

  • msa


  • scruces


  • Fling

    Without a doubt, I would not hesitate to take a shit in this design.

  • jarmo k

    ceci n’est pas une pipe? :D

  • Michael

    “Ceci n’est pas une pipe”.

  • okay…there is water, and there is droppings…but I’m not seeing a water drop here.

  • I guess you can polish a turd.

  • chacha

    it looks hard to clean.

  • modular

    Pimp my toilet!

    Even though I don’t really like the toilet, I gotta give positive credits to 2-B-2. This is something new!

  • tommi

    let us sh!t on design!!

  • tommi

    let us S_it on design!!

  • Juampi Z

    UNIQUE! Congrats for the designer…beautifull!!

  • jet

    makes me wanna read for a looooonnng time on it!

  • Vibhor Singh

    Interesting design!!! At least there’s something identifiable with its shape and can be practically installed in one’s house…!!! Its not too flamboyant like most designers tend to produce in the anticipation of making something “Great”…!!!

  • Maxence

    It’s karim Raschid Ugly Style.

  • Azeem

    Perfect representation of Sherlock Holmes Pipe!!!!

  • smoke

    to fill one’s pipe

  • *MIRTEC*

    holy shit!

  • mauro paparo filomarino


  • Exxodus

    It’s a nice shape and all but i have to agree that its too high for the proper biological function it is supposed to have been designed for and it would also be quite a pain to clean properly behind the seat.

    So, nice object for a display perhaps but fails as a real world object that is used every day . . . . . .

  • Ben

    Well … I think it looks cool and as for the cleaning part … this looks a lot easier to clean than any conventional toilet … so no remarks there either.
    It does seem a bit high but no one can say anything about that as long as there is no one sitting on the toilet … there is no sense for scale in these pictures … but then again we wouldn’t want to see a picture with anyone actually sitting on this toilet anyway :-)

  • scott

    does it blow smoke up my ass?

  • athena

    looks a bit high up to be comfortable but i’d give it a try..

  • JCL

    Nice renderings

  • jake

    I agree with Ben on all accounts. Have any of you actually cleaned a conventional toilet? This would be a joy to clean; devoid of all the crevasses.

    Also, have any of you used a taller toilet for users with hip problems that prevent low crouching? They are incredibly comfortable. The seating position is more like a chair.

  • pascal

    i got one in my pipe!