Villa N°14 by Dellekamp Arquitectos



Here's a fourth house design for the Ordos 100 project in Inner Mongolia, this time by Mexican architects Dellekamp.


100 international architects were invited by a local entrepreneur to each design one 1000 square metre villa. The architects were selected by Herzog & de Meuron and the masterplan is by artist Ai Wei Wei.


See our earlier stories for more Ordos 100 projects by architects Julien de Smedt, Luca Selva and Estudio Barozzi Veiga.


The following is from Dellekamp Arquitectos:


Villa N°14 / Ordos 100




A container that holds everything with the simplicity of the single line that conforms an ellipse.


A clear object that shows the mass of the program as a statement of ownership to the site.


A free standing structure contained in a continuous form that allows free flow of the open space.


A monolith that clearly suggest the urban relevance of this lot as an entrance to the 100 Villa Compound.

A surface, uninterrupted, created by grey brick and curved glass that strongly defines the interior from the exterior while it projects framed reflections of the surroundings.

A cloister that opens strategically, looking for the right amount of sun, light and views.


A central gathering of service areas as well as vertical circulations.

A continues space to the inside that rhythmically compresses and opens.

A single window and door with a height of 2.00m with three sizes that have the same proportion as the three sides of a brick (1 x 2, 4 x 2, 8 x 2)

A single proportion for the pieces.

A unity repeated through space and time.

Project name: Villa N°14 / Ordos 100
Architectural project: Dellekamp Arquitectos
Project leader: Ignacio Mendez.
Team: Jachen Schleich, Pedro Sanchez, Paulina Goycolea
Place: KangBaShi New District, Ordos City, Inner-Mongolia, P.R.China
Date: 2008.


Posted on Sunday October 12th 2008 at 6:05 pm by Rob Ong. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Jaded Young

    Hm, if only meaningful architecture was created with words alone…
    But its really not.
    That said, the building would actually be a nice landmark in an open landscape. (ergo the term villa) But according to the site plan that doesn’t seem to be the case either.

  • gaque

    how can both mexican ordos designs be sooo similar?
    this must be more than a coincidence?

  • Claus

    Sorry, that’s not it.

  • two-eyed cyclops

    there’s nothing really beautiful about this one. Text sounds nice though.

  • Ola Kaltakji

    The internal perspectives imply that the spaces are fluid and dynamic… The floor plans “may” achieve that….

    The elevation/external feel however is too bold solid…It is a pity that the dynamics implied does not carry through….. Yes I do agree that an open landscape should be the case to create this flow of space implied in the sketches however I do not see the building as iconic….

  • laila

    Is it a villa ??
    it looks like somthing else!

  • ignacio

    the internal perspective are fluid and dynamic because they are!! and the floor plans are as fluid as the space shown in the perspectives. “Expansion, contraction of space”
    The original idea of villa (like palladio´s, le duc´s, etc) villas was an object above the ground. usually big and tall, with very much mass and heavy.
    Just one object.

  • i think it this is a very good project.
    it is interesting to see such a bold solid outside mixed with fluid lines of interior.. well… they are not fluid really…. it is strange an inner symmetry.. (plan – mirrored about x-axis… )…. quite controlled….

  • i have been in one of Derek’s projects in Mexico city and i can say that that project that is an apartment complex with rectangles slicing out one of another is very cool and modern for Mexico, but this project i can say that was disappointing, too massive exterior wise and interior is just some flowing floor plans that does not have any relationship with the exterior, but well is a fellow Mexican, i guess is a shame that he blew the opportunity of doing something really interesting like hes previous work. Keep it up Derek!!!

  • meennn bojanas work is awesome!!!

  • curtis

    This is a frustrating proposal.
    You must either display a design that has the soul to reflect your feeling and descriptors, or drop the messianic prose and speak plainly about a piece grounded in reality.
    The ‘free flow’ of space is kerfed by clumsy collisions between interior partitions and the monolithic exterior, the ‘rhythmic compression’ can only be achieved by quickly running back and forth inside the space, and for an ‘uninterrupted’ surface there appears to be a number of huge holes in it.
    Fire your renderer, give your copy writer the design pen, and please don’t repeat this; in space or time.

  • joe

    I agree with those above.. nice intentions, wonderful essay, but the results don’t speak the same. Plus, if this is for mongolia, it seems they may have ignored signifigant cultural cues.