Design Academy Eindhoven
Graduation Galleries 2008



Here's our first selection of work from the graduate show at Design Academy Eindhoven, which opened yesterday during Dutch Design Week. The exhibition continues until October 26.


Designer: Maarten De Ceulaer
Department: Man and Living
Graduated: 2008
Photo by Astrid Zuidema
Project: Pile of Suitcases
Description: A pile of suitcases functioning as a classy wardrobe with a variable composition and well-measured compartments. Steel profiles keep the pile firmly together, leaving ample room for change.


Designer: Léon de Lange
Department: Man and Living
Graduated: 2008
Photo by Astrid Zuidema
Project: Karakters
Description: The functions of sitting, lying down, and leaning are cleverly combined in these stools. What’s more, the stools redefine space as they can be placed against the wall, and near or high up above the floor.


Designer: Reinier Korstanje
Department Man and Leisure
Graduated: 2008
Photo by Vincent van Gurp
Project: OKES oak lifestyle bike
Description: The oak frame of this sustainable, no-nonsense bike is made by means of a computer-controlled CNC milling machine. The bike comes in three models ranging from a cool low-rider to a sturdy city bike.


Designer: Takeshi Kuboi
Department: Man and Well-Being
Graduated: 2008
Photo by Marjan Holmer
Project: Slow Stationery
Description: Five office accessories radiating the warmth and cosiness of home. The A4 paper-holder almost seems to wait on and attend, the paper, while the letter trays and photo frames make one think of soup bowls.


Designer: Joni Neelen
Department: Man and Activity
Graduated: 2008
Photo by Vincent van Gurp
Project: Preparing dreams
Description: To keep your ‘home away from home’ tidy, this bed frame is equipped with a bedside lamp and a clothes rack. The bed linen shows a subtle print of underwear, jewellery and toiletries.


Designer: Igino van Haandel
Department: Man and Well-Being
Graduated: 2008
Photo by Marielle Leenders
Project: Doorlight
Description: The ultimate innovation in green energy! The power supply of the five ultra-bright LEDs in Doorlight comes from opening and closing a door. The energy suffices to light a hall or toilet for at least three-and-a half minutes.


Designer: Guus van Leeuwen
Department: Man & Well-Being
Graduated: 2008
Photo by René van der Hulst
Project: Huis Dieren
Description: Heating pipes shaped like the skeletons of animals covered with their own fleece: a sheep, a fox, a deer’s antlers. Stuffed with heat-retaining wheat, the coverings can be functional anywhere in the house.


Designer: Els Woldhek
Department: Man and Living
Graduated: 2008
Photo by Astrid Zuidema
Project: Accidentels
Description: In electroplating, an object is coated with a layer of metal by means of electricity. When left alone, however, this industrial technique produces the most incredible forms. Not planned or intended: Accidentals.


Designer: Nathan Wierink
Department: Man & Activity
Graduated: 2008
Photo by Lisa Klappe
Project: Joints
Description: In the old days, hand-made wood joints used to be just functional. A small change in the shape of this wood joint, however, makes the joint functional as well as decorative.

Below is the press release about Graduation Galleries 2008:


Exhibition of the graduation projects of the graduates of Design Academy Eindhoven October 18 through October 26, 2008

On October 18, Mr Plasterk, the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, opens the exhibition Graduation Galleries 2008. In this exhibition, Design Academy Eindhoven proudly presents the graduation works of the new crop of graduates of the DAE Bachelor and Master courses. The graduation works are characterised by a unique sense of individualism. The exhibition design is by Piet Hein Eek, who graduated from the Academy in 1991. Besides the exhibition of the graduation projects 2008, there is a separate exhibition of the work of the current DAE students. The exhibition New Living Collection - House of the Clouds presents the results of a collaborative project of the students of Design Academy Eindhoven and the Dutch Interior Institute (NII). The exhibitions run from October 18 through October 26, 2008.

Original, as in wilful, peculiar, single handed and obstinate, contemporary and full of haughtiness. ‘Me’ is the motive behind the process from the concept to creation and ultimately leads to an original design. Yet it is remarkable that of one’s own does not mean individualistic, quite the contrary. This new ego is social, ecologic and concerned with the world, stands firmly in the centre of life and uses all methods and matter available and works on a personal vision to come to universal solutions.

(Li Edelkoort, October 2008)

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  • eduardo

    in joni neelen’s bed I miss the doctor and the nurse!
    we are sailing in dark waters!!!


    Love the Design Academy Eindhoven, they never let down, always conceptual enough but also functional and aesthetic! hope they never stop!

  • zuy

    After , Joris Laarman, Heatwave, 2003 and DeMakersVan, Cinderella, 2005., the 2008…. I hope more innovation.

  • tom

    i love the pile of suitcases.
    everything is there: concept, functionality and of course, aesthetically is beautiful.
    it is quite inspiring as well.
    well done.

  • B

    nice work, for sure,..great school too
    only the press pictures provided by the institute having students posing in on or next to the designs might be a bit to much i think…

  • zuy

    i never see suitcases like this . Famous sculptor Arman did an accumulation of suitcases… accumulation of everything (drawers , clothes…) was used by lot of designers eg mostly duch designers…

  • OKP

    its really a lot of concept sometimes put in a high jacket of marketing ..
    i studied here myself and many students are self absorbed with the idea they become fame and glory after studies..

    design isnt about you design is about the other..
    and ok generating this now..
    but there clearly a group of students in design these days who think its about themself..

    not good .. for design development.
    and when you look above .. i can pick out 4 who have a similar expressions a s past graduates..

    anyway good luck with the graduation ! i’ll be around :)

  • zuy

    see ligting by de celaer , graduation 2008

  • very nice works. I particularly like the bed and door lighting concepts!

  • thorsten

    when will this DUCTH – JOKE finally be over ?
    enough with useless , egocentric , unproducable design –
    get back to the roots and start to work seriously !

  • xtiaan

    Im all for atry farty conceptual shite
    but this is a bit lite on the conceptual even for me

    nice bed tho

  • iamreply

    Spot on Thorsten. I am puzzled as to why the Dutch continue to find validity in such pointless tired objects/ ideas.

  • sisu

    @Thorsten When there is no more demand for it maybe?

    Make you should have looked at the most basic answer instead of telling people to get back to the roots. And what are these roots exactly?

  • all arty farty conceptual shite inspiration is needed to flow down to more applied work, so thank you abstract eindhoven fella’s and thank you dry to the point geezers as well for finding more realistic industrial applications and keeping it all an interesting interaction.
    applied industrial design needs arty fart conceptual abstract design and vica versa.
    like the bees need the flowers and the flowers need the bees

  • Excellent brilliant work.!
    One inspired design student on the way.
    Lovely montage of the concepts indeed,
    very artistic as well as realistic.

  • Narinder

    good work, different thought process