Forest of One Room by Naruse Inokuma



Japanese architects Naruse Inokuma presented an installation called Forest of One Room during Tokyo Designers Week, which ended on Monday.


The installation was held at Gallery West in the Hillside Terrace complex in Daikanyama, designed by Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki.


The following is from Naruse Inokuma:


Forest of one room - Interactive scenery

The project is to realize the idea which won the competition named ROOMS DESIGN PREMIO. This competition was held in the Tokyo Designers Week two year ago.


And one of the jury is Toyo Ito. The idea is to set wood shaped furniture in the room and create rich, fun, comfortable space. The furniture is huge, 4.5m wide! This will be the brand new scenery only emerging for four days.


Forest of one room - Interactive scenery

Gallery West

B1F, Hillside West-B,
13-4 Hachiyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN



The nearest station is Daikan-yama, Toyoko-line. But Shibuya is also close.
The gallery is in the Fumihiko-Maki's beautiful building

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  • StanJoukFan


  • oujaz

    i can’t breath

  • Jer

    I like the underlying idea of having wood structures splayed out and winding their way to the ceiling – but the actualization of the concept as shown didn’t quite seem to have any order or balance or harmony. It seems chaotic without being nature-like or exciting. The idea of trees is a complex hierarchy of roots, trunk, branches and twigs – beautiful complexity – but the forms in the installation seem dead and stagnant – and somehow not evocative of a forest. Perhaps by creating paths through the branches, varying the branches/trunks so that they cause one to follow the form up, or making a denser pattern near the ceiling may add something to the composition. Compelling concept though!

  • That forest feel really comes through, even with no use of trees!

  • Joe

    Cool concept. For some people (like me) evoking the tree brings a strong internal response of safety and home. Plus, you can hang stuff on them so the function takes it into a win for me. Looks a bit crowded though.. .maybe better in a taller room?

  • Bruno

    If you look to the scale of the person inside the room, you can see that these ornamental trees make the circulation on the space difficult. Using it daily can be tiring calculationg all yor moviments inside the room. I like the idea of the design but just seems that it could be more develoted…

  • farzaneh

    hi veryyyyy beatiful an WoOwo