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Design Miami 08: At Design Miami next week, Dutch designers Nynke Tynagel and Job Smeets of Studio Job will exhibit a collection of furniture decorated with marquetry at New York gallery Moss.


The pieces are made from Indian rosewood and decorated with farm imagery using laser-cut inlays.


The range comprises a bench, table, mirror, cabinet and screen.


The furniture will be produced in a limited edition of six pieces per design and will be on show 3-6 December.


The following information is from Moss:



Moss will unveil another spectacular new suite from Dutch-based design team Studio Job entitled Bavaria, at Design Miami 2008. Bavaria is a collection of five marquetry furnishings in Indian Rosewood featuring intricate and fine multi-colored laser-cut inlays in farm motif. With its brightly-coloured symmetrical, ‘book-matched’ inlays, the pieces depict bountiful scenes of farm life, including red barns and silos, horse corrals and dog houses, sunflowers, vegetables, pigs, chickens, and other such iconography. While inspired by 17th and 18th century Bavarian hand-painted furniture and embracing the age old technique of marquetry, Studio Job employed modern technology to laser cut the inlays to achieve a flawlessly executed design and an almost seamless surface. The collection is offered in a limited edition of six pieces per model exclusive internationally to Moss.


Nynke Tynagel and Job Smeets of Studio Job will release Bavaria fresh from the heels of critical and commercial debuts of 2007, which included “Homework” a series of seven bronze sculptures and “Robber Baron”, five monumental bronze furnishings which was initially offered by Moss at Design Miami 2007. Studio Job was the subject of “Bold” the design team’s first retrospective at the inaugural exhibition of the design museum Designhuis in the Netherlands and at the “Z33” exhibition in Belgium.


They were the solo focus of Moss’ selection for Design Miami/Basel where pieces from “Robber Baron”, “Perished” and the complete suite of “Homework” were exhibited. The marketplace has responded to Job’s signature of blurring lines between art and design with their inclusion, along with works by Ron Arad and Shiro Kuramata, into Christies major Fall auction of blue chip contemporary fine art, “Post War & Contemporary Art” sale. This is the first time design was incorporated in such a sale traditionally reserved for only “fine art”.



Moss New York and Los Angeles at the direction of owners Murray Moss and Franklin Getchell continues its program of partnerships with some of today’s best designers at Design Miami 2008. The gallery has broken new ground in 2008 by exhibiting works of fine art along with world class design showing some of the finest pieces by acclaimed photographer William Eggleston, and in “Import/Export” at Moss Los Angeles, Royal Tichelaar Makkum’s “Pyramids of Makkum” have been paired with artworks by some of today’s premier up and coming Chinese artists. Moss represents designers Maarten Baas, Fernando and Humberto Campana, Studio Job, Andrea Salvetti, Studio Libertiny, and the Crystal Palace Collection from Swarovski and regularly exhibits studio work from Tord Boontje, Tom Dixon, Arik Levy, Ross Lovegrove, Jurgen Bey, Hella Jongerius, Tokujin Yoshioka, Johanna Grawunder, and Richard Woods.

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  • Laura

    Very surprising! I am entertained and amused and I like it!

  • Dork

    Typically Studio Job, but they are way too expensive.

    The only thing I probably could buy myself, is lil piece of ceramic or tiles.

  • modular

    I dig Studio Job. They have great work and they keep changing stuff. Yet, I don’t consider them designers.

    They’re like ‘handcraft’ guys that make stuff that costs a lot.

  • What?????…. It seems they translate every single Theme Lidewij edelkoort uses for her speeches into a product range.

    Nicely made…. but would like to be more surprised next time!

  • K. Rimane

    I love studio Job but this new line is just too much.
    the feel of eastern european folklore is well noticed but it shouldn’t be aggressive to the eye.
    Next please!

  • Nathan

    Jummy Jummy. I like it very much. The ‘paper series’ shapes are very strong.

  • Q

    louis 16 would´ve loved it when he was a child

  • klaus peter

    is it the veneer painted or oiled?

  • The fact that the objects are functional doesn’t mean it’s automatically design… I don’t think it is. I don’t see how they are contributing to the design development.

  • dsgnr

    design? this is NOT design, in the best case a style exercise, a bad style exercise.

  • mama

    70’s Figgjo designs were better AND original.

  • anartix

    To answer Klaus Peter, the rosewood base is natural, probably oiled, but the colored veneers are dyed.

  • austerity

    “design? this is NOT design, in the best case a style exercise, a bad style exercise.” whats wrong with a style exercise when was the key part of design ever more than a style exercise?

  • bas

    this is just beautiful, it is pure veneer , good good work

    congratulation to both of you, i never seem something so special,

    you gonna be the numer one that for sure