Aloe by Discoh



Spanish designers Discoh have created a sex toy inspired by the aloe vera plant.


Called Aloe, the product comes packaged in a "pot" and its function only becomes apparent once removed.


Here's some text from the designers:



Physical stimulation. Aesthetic pleasure.
A complicit wink able to be a natural part of our daily environment.

“Aloe” reimagines the role of erotic toys, becoming itself a piece that rises from obscurity to become an integral part of any home. An object of worship. An unexpected gift.

The model gets inspiration from the well-known Aloe-Vera, and shows a refined silhouette that only reveals its true aim once its two pieces are separated (plant + pot)

According to its creators, “Aloe gives the user the chance to choose. It's a dildo. But visually it can also be a plant. It can be a perfect gift or even an elegant way of ending a relationship”.

“Aloe” features a rigid smooth surface and a packaging that draws inspiration from the high-cosmetics world.

“Aloe” will be produced on demand in a very limited edition. If you are interested, enter your e-mail address and we will keep you up to date on prices and estimated delivery times.

Technical Information:

Approximate Dimensions:

Length: 208 Mm.
Maximun Thickness: 36 Mm.
Minimun Thickness: 8 Mm.
Packaging Dimensions: 220.4 x 67 x 50.2

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  • joe hat

    nice renders. glad to see everyone can post his bull shit here now. I’ll send some stuff through, too later.

  • Tyler

    I love this, but, “even an elegant way of ending a relationship” BWHAHAHAHAHA that would be hilarious!!!

  • Jibbles

    Hmmm…looks like fun

  • Not having a stop in the base makes it dangerous.
    There are going to be many hospital visits with an aloe plant deep inside!

  • Matt

    I guess Aloe was an appropriate choice as inspiration. When slapped around it leaks a sticky, sappy substance. Another inspired by a cactus might be fun. And when will they release something for men? A tree stump with a woodpeckers home would look lovely next to your aloe

  • charlotte

    I wish my relationship ended that way!
    Looks very nice! Looks like fun!
    I would even put it on my desk, no one would know what it really is anyway…

    • Concerned Citizen

      No one would notice, if you cleaned it after every use.

  • Rory

    they should have teamed up with the WANK chair designers to create a male orientated version, see wahat i did there?

  • OLGV.

    but Aloe doesn’t have some thorns ? :D

    • Concerned Citizen


  • hj

    looks like another study model for Dubai.

  • zuy

    nice render , more surprise in color than in shape… it”s alessi giovanonni starck like, is it for sex in the kitchen or in the toilet ?

  • peridothound

    Matt – it would appear that you should clarify your statement to reference the breeding-oriented male homosapien. Though, there are many breeding-0riented males who could also make use of the design as intended.

  • dantes

    verry nice give the price

  • R

    want it. how mucH?

  • Ann Shurley

    how much?

  • Evie

    how much?

  • stay tuned at aloe’s offitial websites.

    Soon more information about prices and distributors.

    Thanks for the comments!

  • hello all come check out whats new

  • What a stylish looking sex toy! You could even have it sitting on your mantlepiece and people would just think it was a stylish ornament.

  • looks great I bet these are quite popular

  • It's certainly a little different

  • All I want to know

    That first website link to does not appear to work any longer (nor other links to that website in this article) and an email placed to contact on has yet to be returned.

    All I want to know is the material/texture of the product/design. I’m assuming medical grade material, but I can’t post the question to a defunct website.

  • Carrie Vaine

    Aloe vera is a succulent plant species that probably native plant originated in northern Africa. The species does not have any naturally occurring populations, although closely related aloes do occur in northern Africa.