Bokja for Al Sabah Art & Design Collection



Design Miami 08: Lebanese designers Huda Baroudi and Maria Hibri of Bokja presented a collection of found furniture pieces upholstered in vintage Middle Eastern fabrics at Design Miami last week.


The collection was created for ALEF, an exhibition held by Al Sabah Art & Design Collection.


See our earlier story about Pieke Bergmans' collection for Al Sabah Art & Design Collection, which was shown in Miami together with the Bokja pieces.


The photos here show both the Bokja work and the ALEF exhibition at the Miami Design District.


Here's some text about Bokja:


ALEF Design Miami

Selected works by Huda Baroudi & Maria Hibri (Bokja)

Artist Biography/


Huda and Maria started Bokja in 2000 with a vision to employ the age-old artisanal traditions and sensibilities of the East in the creation of contemporary furniture designs and decorative items. The name itself is highly evocative; Bokja is an old Turkish description for the embellished velvet wrapping of treasured items for special occasions, notably the embroidered dowry of a bride.


True to their original vision and ideals, Maria and Huda use local skilled artisans to produce their designs and shun any form of mass production. The result is one-of-a-kind pieces that embody a unique character in each case and the highest standard of craftsmanship.


In short, their story is one of recycling and breathing new life into once-treasured textiles from all over the old world to create inspiring modern and eclectic items.




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  • Mowgli

    the print is not very appealing, nor is the shape of them… someone needs to come out with flannel print sofa/couches and chairs, that would be awesome…

  • pop

    very nice…
    full of life…

  • qinlin

    very good

  • alfonso

    I love it too. Modern icons are becoming boring, and this looks like a pretty smart and sensible way of making them get alife again. Beautiful idea this of recovering ancient and traditional craftmanship and make it jump to a unexpected new market.

  • wtf2007

    vibrant & alive. i like it.

  • Laura

    I LOVE the prints! If only Santa brought me some of these..

  • w

    Theres that glassware again

  • K. Rimane

    urban outfitter style ?
    not impressed by the choice of fabric at all.

  • tiffany

    My turkish neighbors do this also with old furniture they find on the street. What does this has to do at design miami?

  • msmetana

    The fabrics are not Middle Eastern, they are Central Asian, mostly Uzbek.

  • A beautiful combination of modern exotic luxury, with the earth in mind.

  • lola placton

    I think they are lovely!
    so refreshing and vibrant
    who are the designers, they are brilliant.

  • Urban outfitter? Are you kidding me? The designers traveled the Uzbek mountains and interacted with the crafts people there and were in touch with cultures to enlighten you and make you more aware of the traditional designs in other countries. Urban outfitters do not enlighten. These pieces are DESIGN.

  • Sury
    the official site of Bokja


  • Mafalda Louro

    Fantastic! Soberb!

    Where can we buy these articles’

  • rosanna

    great!!! where can I buy these sofas and chairs?????? I live in Rome Italy there are fantastic

  • Phil Cooper

    Bokja create furniture that you either love or hate – no room for any feelings in-between. Personally I think it's wonderful ! Viva Lebanon :)