Snap Chair by Karim Rashid



Designer Karim Rashid has created a chair for Belgian furniture brand Feek featuring a two-colour seat of two parts that snap together.


The chair consists of a metal frame, which supports two expanded-polypropylene pieces that form the seat and backrest.


It was launched at Interieur 08 in Kortrijk, Belgium, in October.


Here's some text from Karim Rashid:


Snap Chair

The chair is 99% recyclable and a perfect example of “Cradle to Cradle” design.

Using only three different parts, metal frame (1x), Expanded Poly Propylene seat half (2x) and plastic stopper (4x), the entire lifecycle of Snap was considered during the design process.

Made out of 100% recyclable EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) the seat contains 95% air and only 5% material making it very lightweight.

You can design your own snap chair by combining 2 colors and can be easy upholstered by customers.

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  • laru

    you know, i’m not a huge rashid fan, but this is a pretty good design (at least from the recycle standpoint). you can imagine it made of recycled wood or other materials as well. if they could find another, more ec0-friendly base finish (plating is still pretty toxic), it’d be the first really solid design from him i’ve seen in a long time. good job.

  • zuy

    original and nice, great work!!!

  • Nakul

    nice…interesting…would be great to see in an office with hundreds of these chairs switching with each other…voila !!! indoor rainbow…would be nice to add a few more bright colours maybe…

  • Will

    I like the design in a plain colour rather than the two tone. Which I guess defeats the point. Dislike the baboons arse pink he uses on much of his work

  • Brian



  • Tommy K Lindgren

    Isn’t this chair reminiscent of the “Kiss” chair ? – the difference being that the pieces that are snapped on the frame in Rashid’s chair are vertically divided (I don’t really understand why – combining colors works much better when the division is horizontal) and the overall design is much more clumsy.

  • Will

    Great idea, shame he used bubble gum when making his prototypes for the main chair. Looks like a blobby lump , no tension or crispness in the form makes it seem too voluminousness…..

  • An idea

    i think the shape and form of the metal frame is very elegant, shame you have to hide it with the plastic component

  • Nathan

    great concept, awful form

  • dsgnr

    what’s so brilliant about the idea of using recycled plastic? Is certainly a great thing, but is not really an “idea”, in fact Rashid’s work is hardly based in ideas, only banal shapes and a bit of pink. I’m sick and tired of people calling this crap design.

  • Kris Adams

    I agree with dsgnr, Rashid is, if anything, nothing more than a shape-shifter. He is in my opinion still far too involved in the visual aspect of design and really not as much with that which underpins this last and incredibly thin skin of a ‘design’.

    I remember liking only one design of Rashid’s designs (I forget which one and why) although the idea made me feel a bit wrong inside. He just seems very intent on spewing out his ideas into the world more out of ego than any real sense of adding to any cause, sensibilties or awareness.

    Generally from what I can gather quite a few people from the ‘design community’ (lots of busy’s on design boards like this) really dislike him and again with this project, whilst he has probably tried hard to do something valid (recycling), he’s just making things worse.

    I’d like to question whether this guys designs are even valid but maybe that’s taking things a step too far.

    Big love x


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    xxx TUIJA