China Insurance Group headquarters
by Coop Himmelb(l)au



Austrian architects Coop Himmelb(l)au have won a competition to design the headquarters for China Insurance Group in Shenzhen, China.


The 49-storey building will sit next to OMA's Shenzhen Stock Exchange Plaza (on left of images), which is under construction in the city's Central District.


Model shots are © copyright Markus Pillhofer.

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Here's some info about the China Insurance Group project from Coop Himmelb(l)au:


COOP HIMMELB(L)AU wins first prize for the new “Headquarter of China Insurance Group” in Shenzhen, China (Vienna, 17 February 2009)


The jury for the “Shenzhen 4 Tower in 1” Competition chaired by Mr. Arata Isozaki, selected COOP HIMMELB(L)AU’s design for Tower C, the new “Headquarter of China Insurance Group” as winning scheme. Other participants include Morphosis, Steven Holl Architects, Hans Hollein, MVRDV and FCJZ Atelier.

The new “Headquarter of China Insurance Group” will be part of a lively business quarter in the heart of the Central District of Shenzhen made up of a carefully composed ensemble of unique, individual towers creating a landmark silhouette.

The project is a high-rise structure with a height of approximately 200 m with 49 storeys. The footprint area has the size of 40 by 40 m. The required program is distributed vertically. A clear separation of public and private functions is given. All public functions are organized in the base building while the office program is situated in the tower.

Semi public program like meeting rooms, conference center, recreation areas and gardens are concentrated in the middle of the building. This zone is designed to create a pattern of meeting facilities, gardens and recreation areas for all employees and become spaces for an exchange of knowledge and creativity and a synergy of form and function.

The “Headquarter of China Insurance Group” is not only recognizable by its significant form but also by its façade. The design of the façade is driven by generation of energy. The second skin of the façade is shaped by climate conditions and inner functions. This skin includes photovoltaic cells to generate electricity and also cells to reduce excessive wind pressure, shade the sun and create multi media displays.

Strategies employing the form of the building to assist natural ventilation together with the use of renewable energy sources (wind and solar power) assure an energy efficient design and reduce energy consumption and reliance on fossil fuel energy sources.

COOP HIMMELB(L)AU is headquartered in Vienna and has a second office in Los Angeles as well as several project offices in Frankfurt/Germany, Paris/France, Akron/USA, Mexico City/Mexico and Hongkong/China. Currently under construction are the Musée des Confluences in Lyon, France (2013), Busan Cinema Center in Busan, South Korea (2011), the European Central Bank in Frankfurt/ Main, Germany (2014) and the Dalian International Conference Center, China (2010). Additional projects in planning are Cloud Roof in Riva del Garda, Italy (2011), House of Music in Aalborg, Denmark, Cultural Center Zarautz, Spain (2012) and Museum of Contemporary Art & Exhibition Planning in Shenzhen, China (2010).

The exhibition "COOP HIMMELB(L)AU.Beyond the Blue" will be shown at the Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio, USA running from April 2 until July 26, 2009 ( Among latest book publications are “Dynamic Forces” on the project BMW Welt in Munich and the exhibition catalogue “COOP HIMMELB(L)AU. Beyond the Blue”.

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  • windbag

    love the coop but this is just silly.

  • metacitizen

    you mush be kidding!
    this project is a bad copy of oma’s shenzen stock exchange!
    is it so hard to be original?

  • tommi

    Sorry, why Arata Isozaki again? he has been in Shenzhen awfully lonnnng enough, surely they should find a different chair. No point to keep having d’ same people as jury. Many landmark buildings of the Central District are horrible, including his Cultural Centre.

    Well, cant believe coop got another commission in my hometown! I luv his works, but not these shenzhen ones.

  • Ioseb

    rem’s influence is so obvious!

  • martin

    agree with U metacitizen!

  • Mowgli

    thats odd looking..

  • yrag

    That’s one clunky design.

    Does it look like that to reflect a chinese ideogram or something of significance to them that I might be ignorant of?

  • brown_ie

    I think it’s a nice a adition of the complex, and reinterprate the OMA’s building, nice work not impressive but well done

  • One

    CHinese loves Koolhaas so much that they let CoopHimmelb(l)au (!!!!) do what OMA did in the same city! this is a news…

  • m

    section? please!

  • lowell

    copying neighbour is an original approach!

  • vim

    yeah. And it’s situated next to OMAs project too!

  • Kiko

    ahhmm…what the hell is going on in china today? could someone inform me pls…

  • tom

    that kind of architecture is not really easy to comprehend! “self-aggrandisement”

  • Milan

    Come on people, stop that hate…

    I think it’s great, and I think it’s awesome that it continues the idea of OMA’s building. These two will definitely create a new kind of urban space, seen in no other city so far. It looks like an interesting play of volumes, and I can only imagine all the possible views you will be able to get around and in these buildings… This is a new kind of a city centre.
    We’ll see how it works, but from me, it’s A+ for the try…

  • One

    BTW do you think that the building drawn nexttothis project does not look a like OMA project? Thatbended construction, that strange horizontal facade, all looks like some kind of COPY and paste…

  • bip

    yeah hello lets do some OMA shapes and put a Zaha facade on it!

  • 180

    KPF’s WTC Chase Tower proposal.

  • windbag

    yes it is a very poetic chinese ideogram which meaning is:”the giraffe that swallowed a book” and is a metaphore for *learning*.

  • Sub_Prime

    Day, evening and nightime renders still don’t sell this white elephant convincingly.

  • gaque

    ouch…rather awkward facade. the floor plates are gigantic and absolutely impossible to naturally ventilate or condition.

    more dirty, energy-hungry glass buildings. thank you for being so progressive…