House in Hiyoshi by Hiroyuki Tanaka Architects



Tokyo office Hiroyuki Tanaka Architects have completed the renovation of a home in Yokohama, Japan.


Called House in Hiyoshi, the architects divided the space using book shelves and added surrounds to the existing windows, creating a desk and display case.


The apartment was designed for a young couple.


Photographs by Takumi Ota.


Here's some text from Hiroyuki Tanaka Architects:


Ventilation, a family's line of flow, and the surroundings will be changed by the double volumes.


We created spaces by cutting these volumes functionally and aesthetically.


This is renovation project was for young couple. The building stands on a cliff and each residence has its own 30sqm terrace. The residence is on the 5th floor with a view.


The couple have number of books; they wanted the book space to be like a library.


We put the shelf-wall in the center of the space so that the couple have to walk around it to get to the space near the window. This operation gave the couple a view each.


Moreover, the shelf-wall cuts corners and makes new spaces in the apartment. This new space will be used for reading.


Renovation projects always have to take over the negative part of old buildings.


Architects are troubled with structure, positioning of windows, equipments and existing ceiling height.


But, for example, we reformed the window frame as a bench and display space, succeeded in making highest ceiling level by using stand light and bracket light carefully.


We think that we could response to the old building with respect.


Project name : House in HIYOSHI
Date: 2008
Area: 100sqm
Location: Kanagawa, Japan
Photography: Takumi Ota

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  • marcos

    very nice!

  • ness

    wow, what a boring house
    i personally would go crazy if i lived here

  • details are very good. congratulations

  • Lucap

    would be nice to see a floor plan…

  • playcheckers

    “wow, what a boring house
    i personally would go crazy if i lived here”

    only boring people get bored

  • Semiliteratesimian

    You too can live in an Ikea catlogue…..


  • pure & simple


  • freddy wolf

    simple, honest, quiet.
    it ‘s great !
    (author: please take care of your writing skills)

  • modular

    Good job. I dig that blue detail on one of the pictures. Good stuff. Good stuff.

  • I don’t think it’s boring at all, lots of really cool complex geometries. I picture it filled with the couples books, and some pictures hanging on the wall etc. and it would be a really cozy beautiful home :)

  • how can peeople judge this space with no furniture or things in it?

    looks very warm, with right textiles and furniture, it would be amazing.

  • zahra

    infact Ilike such as this houses,but in pictures you should show how people live here

  • ks

    incredible geil

  • j

    I agree.
    it has great light and is spacious. Full of books and decorated with some bright colours I think it would’nt be the least bit boring.

    I love that space inside all the bookshelves, what a great cozy little reading nook that would be.

  • Matt

    I find it funny how in renderings people are thrown in to give a space life and in photos are thrown out to give it… something, I don’t know. Anyone care to offer thoughts on this phenomenon?

  • Coltrane

    I used to play real jazz for real people.
    He designed real architecture for real people.

  • Paul

    The bookcases have pretty severe internal angles – it’d really annoy me that my books wouldn’t stand up against the ends of the properly…. small details are important.

    Good excuse to buy some cool, expensive bookends though.

  • slater

    first off, i do like this project, but how easy (and common) is it to do an interior with white walls, natural finished wood, and the designer’s favorite color at the time placed sparcely throughout. I think it is time that we all challenge ourselves on simple interiors like this one to expand our material palette or come up with forms that can stand on their own with out looking so generic

  • jenny

    a house has nothing now!!! but I can imagine an amazing life in this house in the future!!! Great!!!! I love it

  • Jim

    Can anyone identify the maker of those chairs?