Hagoromo by Nosigner



Japanese designer Nosigner has completed his own office interior, which is veiled by a feather-like curtain inspired by a traditional hagoromo ("feather robe") kimono.


The space, at Sendagi in Tokyo, is furnished with Nosigner products including the Pokkari hanging light and Arborism table.


Photos are by HATTA.

Here's some info from Nosigner:


Hagoromo is an interior design of nosigner's office. The whole space of the room is covered with the curtain of the feather-like thread.


This special curtain gives beauty as well as function to the space, which enables to cover and hide all the shelves while to keep easy access to the shelves.


The inspiration of the design comes from Japanese traditional kimono called "Hagoromo", which is silky and feather-like robe. The office is covered by the calm lightning like lightning seen through hagoromo robe.

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  • Ready for a kimono flagship

  • i love the curtain walls but i think the color is problematic as i am sure that within 6 months they will be slightly gray looking due to the inevitable dust deposits.

    having said that, if they are machine washable – they are genius!

  • asdg4

    please don’t smoke in this office :)

  • oneric

  • …. KimoNOdesigner…..I play with words, Starck too . I love provative naming too….

  • Matt

    Zuy, I fear for your mental stability

  • LOW


  • Jennifer

    hopefully no one has a feather allergy

  • andra

    Heloo my dears.__HELP!!!__I really need that kind of feather curtains(i used them 3 years ago and i have another project wich implicates this design) but i can't find the source.__Does anybody know from where cand i comand feather curtains?__Thankyou very much!