Casa Pedralbes by Joan Anguita



Architect Joan Anguita has designed a house for a car collector in Barcelona, Spain.


The four-storey house has a glass facade overlooking the city.


It includes a showroom for the owner's cars on the ground floor.


A freight elevator allows the cars to be moved from one level to another and displayed throughout the house.


Here's some more information from the architects:


Casa Pedralbes

This house in the mountains, designed by the architect Joan Anguita, brings all the glamour of Los Angeles to Barcelona. Partially suspended above the terrain, it is the dream home of a young businessman who loves collecting cars and organizing gatherings for his friends.


The four-storey structure blends into its environment by means of a transparent glass façade that provides spectacular views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea beyond.


The main body of the house comprises the ground floor and the first floor, which is reserved for social activities. The ground floor displays the owner's private car collection, while the first floor contains the kitchen, dining room, sitting room and library.


A freight elevator runs all the way up the house, from the display area to the top floor, which is devoted to the everyday living spaces. This transparent elevator makes it possible to move vehicles from one level to another or put them on show in different spaces.


The open-plan settings create a sensation of great space, only enhanced by the predominance of pale, neutral colours and the designer furniture carefully selected by the architect.


The house also boasts two swimming pools, each with a single lane: one outdoors, on the first floor, and another indoors in the basement, which contains the leisure area, complete with a cinema, bowling alley and gym. The roof terrace is a deck area designed for pleasure, with a jacuzzi, solarium and a large bar.


Cost of the house: 10 million euros.
Cost of the lot: 10 million euros.
Area: 3,857 sq. m.


Joan Anguita Llanós (born Palma de Mallorca, 1974). His architectural studio is situated in Barcelona. He works in the fields of architecture and interior design, as well as being a projects professor in the discipline of Interior Design in the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED).







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  • mahrous

    love simplicity

  • barr

    a carport?

  • The cold, empty space are certainly suited as a house for machines. There is certainly an elegance in the simplicity and the relationship of the cantilevered forms with the hillside site. That being said, in a time when design has the potential to solve some of the world’s most dire problems, projects like this house carry an air of pure gluttony.

  • DinO

    Cars show room….Cool!!

  • MarkJ

    Looks like Darth Vader’s holiday home. I’m jealous.

  • kraklite

    why do the people in the renderings all look so suicidal…

  • ilio

    so cold, so gray… so sad, very depressive

  • Skywalker

    Of course they are suicidal… The Empire is about to Strike Back any minute now… (looks like hoth planet doesn’t it?)

  • Vico

    Totally Iron Man’s residence.

  • yeah is like Cars show room

  • hernindya


  • jjj

    nice spanish slabs.

  • carl

    Impressive spans with no pilars whatsoever…. I hope it isn´t just rendering, with 10million you can surelly afford that kind of structure, Impressive nontheless

  • yung

    Darth Vadar got to be a workaholic…
    Did the Deathstar by Koolhaas work out?

  • Gordon

    Reminds me of a particularly memorable scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off… Could be a location for the remake?

  • nice horizontal expression

  • yimyim

    lovely, right up till the point that people start to use the building…

  • Coooooooolddddd!!!!!!

  • dsgnr

    is that woman just about to jump over the very rich husband? homicide-suicide?

  • Tartaruga

    It is amazing how a solid house can feel thin like air! It is a simple space that enables all the outdoor beatuty to conquer the innermost of the building. Fantastic!

  • matt

    stop blaming what you call “suicidal renderings” and start blaming “i’m-so-funny-today-is-opening-with-a-firework-and-i’m-jumping-without-any-reason-while-signing-contracts renderings”

  • It’s amazing!!!! I like the lines of simplicy and the structure that use. Good work I haven’t more words.

  • juampi Z

    where the fuck columns are? simple… too simple… totally inexpresive… don’t like it.

  • g

    i actually like it because it’s apparentally simple! i guess it won’t look so cold once it’s built, there’s hardly any snow in barcelona…

  • Poynton

    it will not be cold and depressing once the interiors are completed with hopefully alot of natural materials and colors-people have to remember that architectural computer renderers are definately not designers. – however- the 10 mil Euro price tag seems a definately optimistic considering the site and the all the over the top extras…it is most definately excessive- must be a residence for a young- unmarried male- it’ll probably have just one 1000 sq. meters bedroom….

  • VRA

    Nice Mass