Competiton: five copies of Yes is More by BIG
to be won


Dezeen have teamed up with architects Bjarke Ingels Group to give away five copies of Yes is More, the catalogue accompanying their exhibition at the Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen.


The catalogue presents the evolution of 30 projects from the Danish practice in a comic book format.


"The ambition of the catalogue is to capture the experience of the personal visit to the studio, the construction site or the building – and to transmit the energy of a face to face encounter," says Bjarke Ingels.


This competition has now closed.


The five winners will be selected at random and notified by email. Winners’ names will be published at the bottom of this page and in a future edition of our Dezeenmail newsletter.


Alternatively, the catalogue can be ordered from the Danish Architecture Centre bookstore. The exhibition continues until 31 May.


Here's some more information from BIG:


BIG’s first solo exhibition at the Danish Architecture Center.

With a play on Mies van der Rohe’s famous quote, “Less is More,” BIG lays out a positive approach urging optimism even in a time of crisis. The exhibition is conceived as a three dimensional comic book about architecture.


Told in a linear way, frame by frame, bubble by bubble, chapter by chapter the exhibition unfolds through a 130 meter cartoon strip titled “Yes is More”. The accompanying catalogue is likewise a manga-inspired archicomic that reveals through candor and humor the evolutionary storyline of 35 projects in BIG City.


Within this cartoon universe, the public is invited to embark on a journey of discovery of BIG's creative process, following their ideas from the drawing board to the finished building. Models of Danish and international projects form a complimentary part to the exhibition, lit up like a major city at night. The DAC exhibition is BIG's first solo exhibition on Denmark.


Bjarke Ingels, Founding Partner of BIG
I am a cartoonist at heart that discovered that you can also create powerful visuals and tell interesting (funny) stories outside the image frame or the speech bubble. I like individual freedom combined with collective effort. And I love to express myself as well as creating the conditions for others to express themselves.


By staging the exhibition, 'YES IS MORE', the Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) zooms in on one of Danish architecture's most successful and innovative architectural companies, BIG – BJARKE INGELS GROUP.


In the long, curving story board of slide-screens BIG tells the story of its courageous battle to shake the foundations of traditional architecture and a conservative building industry.


Through pop culture, with a distinctly Scandinavian green and human touch, and a lot of charming attitude, BIG hopes to transcend traditional architectural mores and appeal to a broadened public which includes everyone who interacts with buildings.


The exhibition runs from 21 February - 31 May 2009. Open seven days a week 10am – 5pm, Wednesday until 9pm (admission free 5pm – 9pm).


The YES IS MORE catalogue illustrates for the first time BIG’s budding architectural oeuvre currently being exhibited at the Danish Architecture Center. As opposed to the classical architectural monograph, the catalogue is a manifesto of pop-culture proportions. The publication details an approach that ensures that all methods, processes, and tools to develop an architectural concept are just as wild, no holds barred and results oriented as the environment they are designed for and which BIG embraces with a boundless YES.


Bjarke Ingels, Founding Partner of BIG
The ambition of the catalogue is to capture the experience of the personal visit to the studio, the construction site or the building – and to transmit the energy of a face to face encounter. A comic book is all about communicating action, movement — development or even evolution — replacing composition and scale instead of time. A large detailed image inspires the reader to contemplate — study — explore — and a sequence of small diagrams makes your eyes roll over them faster. Thus was born YES IS MORE – the catalogue.


Already in its 2nd edition the catalogue covers 35 projects through 400 pages accompanied by an afterword by Harvard educator and Volume editor Jeffrey Inaba.


YES IS MORE - An Archicomic on Architectural Evolution
BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group
Softcover: 400 pages
Publisher: BIG (20 Feb 2009)
Edition: 2nd
ISBN: 9788799298808
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 17cm x 25 cm


Congratulations to the winners! Ole Peder Hagen in Norway, Maggie Lum in Australia, Silvia Sandor in the Netherlands, and Marco Zerbi and Annamaria Perruccio in Italy all won copies of Yes is More by BIG.






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  • modular

    Wicked! I really want this one :)

  • David

    This book is great, it reads like a cartoon!
    Outside Denmark only NAi Booksellers ( has the catalogue in stock.

  • Jim

    I would love to be on the receiving end of this architectural Graphic Novel.
    Looks Great!

  • Love Dezeen, love BIG, would love to get one of it!

  • Stefan M.

    i will have one!!!!!….please

  • went

    OMA-clones; too pushy young punks

  • martin

    Haven’t gone through it yet, but looks like a evolution of Rem’s Content, no?

  • Max

    really “COMIC”!!!

    Next step: Mickey Mouse and Scrooge McDuck Villa!

  • john

    me me me!

  • Wybie

    Wow, all of this is extremely impressive

  • Yes man

    give me big one, jee!

  • Ben

    I’m glad that I picked one of these up when I went on opening weekend. It’s a fun read.

  • Enzo

    AwEsOmE !! I like comics and architecture. This combination is great. I would really like to have one…….

  • lookout for them…they are really gonna BIG soon…

    bright ideas superb execution….

  • stefan sagmeister did it years before. the idea is not really new.

  • Jon

    Wooooooooooooooooooowwww… my eyes are nourished :o]

  • wow!…

    “at last a reference for the rest of us!”…………
    i might start officially declaring my religion as ‘BIG-ist’!!!

  • R

    It’s amazing that you can get soo BIG by copying MVRDV who in their turn copied OMA. They don’t even limit copying to only architecture, also representation of their individual projects and now they even copy in the design of their catalogue.
    I just hope that people wake up fast and realize that this is NOT the way to design.

  • celia

    Is quite interesting to explain architecture in a really different way !!!!! I would like to have one!!!!!

  • Drew Patmore

    Nice to see a different outlook, would like to have one

  • jolopuki

    just a few weeks ago i made a presentation about BIG architects, their projects and philosophy. interesting!

  • jessica sammut

    i want this book!!it looks too cool :)

  • zetre

    Bjarke used to work for OMA so the similarities are quite natural and I’m sure they’re perfectly aware of them.
    Also, have you visited any of their built projects?
    I can’t see how you wouldn’t at least be impressed by the ambition and effort when you visit the Mountain Dwellings in Örestad.
    Amazing project and heads above most housing projects I know of (anywhere).

  • El Greco

    I have great admiration for the work of BIG.

    On the other hand, the design of this catalogue is tacky. I love and collect comics but I wouldn’t buy this one. It overpowers the quality of their architecture. And, the whole “archi-comic” thing is so dated and has been done so much better decades ago. I’m surprised they would ape its style. This is the architectural equivalent of grey skinny jeans, oversized plastic frame sunglasses and an ironic moustache.

  • Yes, the amazing fact is that they actually build their funny comic-styled stuff. Respect for that. As for the comic book, Bjarke gave a chat-interview for our blog last week. He is consistent, you know. Might find this chat interesting

  • Samar

    i want this book too!!! looks amazing!!

  • Simon

    yes i like to read it!

    Looks like sin city by frank miller, robert rodrigez. i love it.

    Thank you,greetings from Rotterdam

  • boppie

    i’m a bit tired

  • Andre

    It’s an OMA number without any intellectual thought, purely images, an artist’s take on architectural evolution, not an architects. Shadows in a cave.

  • eduardo

    wwwwwooooooooooooo…….I really want this one

  • Scott

    Their architecture is actually really well thought out. Look at some of the many videos on youtube that illustrate what they are doing.

  • Orion

    Humm. Enzo had already written what i would say. I like comics and architecture too! But I deserve a copy of this because…humm, because I am brazilian, and everybody likes brazilian people (!?). Please, give me a copy, this is the best I can think now. Congratulation for the site.

  • ness

    hope i get this one

  • Ele

    Hope to be amoung the 5 winners :P

  • I met Bjarke in a lecture few months ago and have an opportunity to look at the book. While, Yes is More is really an interesting book.

  • i really wanna grab one of this! ;)
    because i dont have any book of any big project…

  • laravine

    hum, i think i’m gonna be mad if i can’t get a copy of this ARTbook :D

  • ovi

    I probably don’t want it as much as everybody else around here

  • when are the results comming out?? :P

  • vibenade

    Gosh, i’m like browsing this post like every 2 hours since last 4 days for the result! haha

  • plz plz plz…the results?? ive gotta now if i win or if i dont! :D

  • yeeeeeeeeeee i won it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael

    I’ve just ordered mine at the NAi Booksellers website :D

  • OP

    Haha, I won one! Go me!

  • Mette

    I saw the amazing exhibition YES IS MORE and would love one of the catalogues. :-)

  • shady sides

    i like some of their buildings and even their posturing, but this is too much, it’s just too shrill and hell-bent on self promotion and self-celebration. not very original, either.

  • Last conference gived by Bjarke Ingels @ ETSAM, Madrid "yes is more"