Santa Ynez Residence by Frederick Fisher
and Partners



Los Angeles architects Frederick Fisher and Partners have sent in images of Santa Ynez Residence, a family home in California's Santa Ynez Valley.


The home was completed in 2006.


Here's some info from the architects:


Santa Ynez, California  2006


A 20 acre site in the Santa Ynez Valley of California dominates the landscape with extensive views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.


The natural environment has two distinct seasons consisting of hot summers and cold winters. A south easterly wind is common in the morning hours.


The owners, an artist and lawyer, requested a home that created a compound. The spaces to be included were an open living area, master bedroom suite, two guest suites with a shared living space, an office, artist studio and lap pool.


The 7000 square foot single –family residence is based on a grid of 25 squares. The firm’s interest in the “square” and “box” along with the owner’s square paintings generated the initial concepts for the home.


The 100 foot by 100 foot single-family residence is organized around a central courtyard that divides the building into three distinct “zones” with an area for living, sleeping and working.


To take advantage of the warm climate during the summer months, three outdoor rooms extend the living space.


This blurring of inside and outside is achieved with the use of large sliding glass panels. The interior courtyard protects the residents from harsh wind and sun while providing an alternative view of landscape, which is contemplative, serene and quiet.


This contained exterior world is juxtaposed to the outer landscape of natural grasses, shrubs and trees. The residence clad entirely in corrugated Cor-ten steel has taken on a rich brown color as it oxidizes, complementing its earthy surroundings.


Perforated Cor-ten steel is used for sun shading glass and covered areas adding a play of light across the homes surfaces.  Large sliding and swinging steel gates enclose the home at night and while the owners travel.


Project Team:

Architects: Fred Fisher, David Ross, Brent Eckerman, Dong – Jin Kim
Landscape Architect: Pamela Burton


Benny Chan
Jim Bartsch


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  • Indi

    Nice grouping!

  • simple n clean….justice to site..

  • Refreshing blend of indoors and outdoors, sharp contrast of interior and exterior materials, wonderful texture and proportions, perfectly framed views, and a beautiful site. Awesome house, now if I could only afford one…

  • plans please

    awesome work

  • djvd

    Nice house but a few plans and sections would be great.

  • super

  • Minh

    very very nice indeed…the space is fabulous and strong.
    The idea of connecting to nature is very well generated

  • Terry Glenn Phipps

    Two word come to mind, Marmol Radziner.

  • stunning work

  • damfak

    I like the design although I would feel alone in so much space.

  • J*

    plans, sections, and BUDGET please!

  • Raphael

    What’s the translucent cladding material?

  • sullka

    Raphael, it’s the same cor-ten steel, but perforated, it says so in the text.

  • David

    Translucent material is perforated corrugated corten. Due to privacy, drawings and costs are witheld at owners request. Also, Brad Dunning was the interior designer.

  • Dijana

    I would like to see plans and sections definitely!!! Love the space, glass, integration of inside and outside… I would like to know what are the aircondition systems they use….

  • Mark

    Looks like perforated Corten. Apart from Marmol Radziner, it looks a lot like most of Australian architect Sean Godsell’s houses.

  • so simplicity..

  • elnay

    sean godsell… rick joy.. all so very similar…

  • pepito

    nice job.
    I haven’t looked at it in detail but it looks like a reinterpretation of a house in Mallorca by Claudio Silvestrin and John Pauson. have a look.