Binta armchair by Philippe Bestenheider
for Moroso



Milan 09: Binta, an Africa-inspired armchair by Swiss designer Philippe Bestenheider, is part of the new Moroso collection unveiled at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan this week.


The chair's form is based on African wood carvings and the upholstery is based on Senegalese patchwork fabrics.


Here's a statement from Bestenheider:



“Binta was inspired by Africa. Its sculptural shape evokes African wood carvings, but its polyurethane rubber forms are softer. Like a baobab tree, Binta anchors itself firmly to the ground with thick, trunk-like feet whose elegant forms bring to mind the weighty baobab.


Its upholstery is a patchwork of Wax fabrics, the traditional textiles worn by African women. Contrasting patterns and colours emphasise the armchair’s shape, enveloping and moulding its silhouette.


The brash, bright colour contrasts are in the tradition of African textiles and colour schemes; they conjure up the elegant tailoring of women’s clothes as if Binda were a Senegalese lady about to wear and enhance the hot colours of Africa”.

Philippe Bestenheider

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  • slater

    So this is an “armchair” right? So where do I rest my arms…. I like the form, but am not in love with the material.

  • Quite nice adherence to African carvings and textiles. They set a wonderful mood even if I would hesitate making this part of my own style ethos.

  • african armchair… without arms

  • tanya telford – T

    i really like these, they look really cheerful, as long as the fabric feels ok, a couple are on my wish list.

  • concepto

    estupendos!! wowwwwww

  • trimtab21

    OMG!!!! the 1960’s are back!

  • Fantastic!!
    Philippe Bestenheider’s work is fresh and innovative.
    I’m a fan, for sure!

  • I am in love with the footing and how it resemble a tree trunk. I do wish more wood was present or shown to create a more organic effect.

  • in the spirit of Tom’s Comapny. But even better in my opinion !

  • Michael Swanson

    I’m going to shut up. I’ve already made enough dumb remarks.