Skin collection by Nacho Carbonell



Milan 09: Spanish designer Nacho Carbonell presented a new furniture collection featuring an elastic outer skin that stretches according to objects placed inside the pieces.


The Skin collection was presented at the exhibition presented by Dutch brand Droog in Via Alserio, and which ended yesterday.


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Here's some text from Carbonell:


In the Skin furniture, a thin, closely adhering and elastic layer allows the user to place objects underneath it. This layer adapts and takes the form of the objects, creating spontaneous contours that lead your curiosity to discover what hides beneath them.

Nacho wants us to become playful and child-like: "You'll feel like playing hide and seek!" he says and follows on to explain why he chose for the unconventional leg heights, "it's all about changing the point of view, one's way of perceiving things".

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  • unpopular

    all very well, but do you really want your interiors feeling like a set from a tim burton movie?

  • rik

    wow, despite the fact that dezeen’s changing focus on furniture, which i quite dislike… this piece however is great!

  • jed_

    i find this pretty replusive. maybe that’s the intention?

  • Neo

    At least something to to store rope!!!.this is just like putting your stuff in a plastic bag and hide it under the sofa. Great!!

  • poncho

    tim burtonish, i’ve heard that before. i would love to own one of the many amazing objects in nightmare before christmas, same as i will one day fill up my garden with nacho’s concrete animals.
    maybe you could hide the winning ticket to the chocolate factory under “the skin”.

  • Ashton


    Is furniture not pretentious enough a subject for you to talk about? I agree, MORE SUPERFLUOUS ARCHITECTURE, and the chairs to go with it!

  • i think it IS supposed to be repulsive!
    not sure i want to touch it, kinda gross.
    but cool
    like a car accident, i just cant look away.

    looks like the table just gave birth tho the chair,
    and the umbilical cord is still attached.

  • Silence of the Lambs is what comes to mind. There are other ways to create storage in a way that is not so…upsetting.

  • Why are you negative ? there a lot of chair with a baby chair in dutch and italian design…but here as noticed by speek “looks like the table just gave birth tho the chair,and the umbilical cord is still attached”.