Tent Sofa by Philippe Malouin for Campeggi



Milan 09: London designer Philippe Malouin has designed a sofa-bed that converts into a tent-like shelter for Italian brand Campeggi.


Upholstered in green fabric intended to evoke military tents, the arms of the Tent Sofa can be unfolded to create walls and a pitched roof around the extended mattress.


The chair was on show at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan during April.


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Here's some text from Campeggi:


A sofa bed is usually placed in a space that is shared or common, therefore completely exposing the user to the other inhabitants of the space.


When a person spends a night on a sofa bed, he or she (the guest) might feel exposed and lack privacy.


The Tent sofa transforms into a shelter in a few moments for its user to spend a good night sleep while keeping his or her privacy.


The sofa gives the impression of a standard military tent.


More about Philippe Malouin on Dezeen:



Hanger chair

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  • pat

    funny but useless

    • cdw

      You’re obviously not a blogger

  • Love it.. One of the best designs I’ve seen this year. Reminds me of being a child and beeing able to crawl down below the table in our living room and watch tv. Well done.

    Klaus Olsen

    Editor of Dagens Design

  • Prof. Z

    Campeggi is often innovative…
    It clear Philippe Malouin is for me the new designer of the year using the network of Eindhoven + Ensci + Dixon + his own talent..
    He is everywhere in Montreal, London, Cologne, Milan, Paris….a new emerging star?
    PS: see also Sam Sannia’s armchair

  • Prof. Z

    see Ooch armchair by anglo Italian designer Sam Sannia for BB Emmebonaicna.

  • jh

    why ‘design’ always has to be funny these days? i don’t mind jokes, but won’t pay hundreds of bucks for one. also, how funny is it to ‘hear’ the same joke everyday?

  • jh

    ..a lack of functionality and aesthetic qualities cannot be compensated by some jokey concept.

  • Prof. Z

    1/Pat explains me why is it useless?
    2/ It’s a playfull transformer chair as Klaus Olsen says…
    3/ For me the mutation of forms, uses and functions is the future of a new design of crise.
    4/ new “mutation” design generation : Benchetrit+ Malouin + Sannia… etc
    5/ for more information about mutation of design see the mapping of the institute of the Future of California

  • When we were kids, we used to do this with cardboard boxes and sofa cushions. We called it a “fort.”

  • mikaël

    of course Philippe does great work and is a rising star, no question there.
    would anybody else would have liked to see it in a different color interior-exterior or is that just gimmicky?

  • photo of the first solo expo in new nextlevel galerie , Paris

  • LucyLiuChampagneClaridges

    can I get it in pink?

  • Kris Adams

    I don’t like to differ from the masses (not really) but this is just a bit dull. A colour other than ‘army’ green, any colour in fact, may have illicited a little more child-like fever for this design.

  • I was surprised by the color. I would feel put upon having an army green tent in my living room, thus would opt for providing my guests less privacy if it meant maintaining my preferred color scheme.

  • What more does the modern batchelor pad require. I want two for in house paintballing missions.

  • Prof. Z

    Become a design star…It’s in french (use google translate)
    Pour approfondir le sujet, sans perturber ceux qui ne veulent pas l’approndir tout simplement parce qu’il ne sont pas créateur, designer etc
    voir le dialogue sur le thème “devenir star du design” avec le Nicolas Minveille (consultant professeur ex Directeur des marques de Starck) et votre humble serviteur Prof Z.


  • dsgngurunyc

    …in agreement with ‘jh’, concept furniture is only good design if it also holds (at least some kind of ) poetic beauty. I find this another gimicky , unattractive, and clumsy piece of furniture, that looks far more unattractive in its day to day form (as a chair), and less comfortable in its converted form (as a bed?) than 99% of sofa-beds on the cheap end market. Do I want to look at velcro that will be full of fluff daily? (Uh, no!). Oh, and please Prof.Z, allow me and other people their opinions.

  • Nice post…
    what an original idea about tent sofa. it really gives the impression of a standard military tent.

  • RChatt

    What a great idea for a child’s bedroom. Also, this design in a different material perhaps would work for emergency shelters, especially during disasters where people are homeless for extended periods.

  • damn! i thought it was a dog house!

  • My kids will love this. I used to build my own tent with sofa cushions when I was a kid.