Escritoire Trestle by Ett la Benn



DMY Berlin 09: designers Oliver Bischoff and Danilo Durler of Berlin studio Ett la Benn presented a small trestle table at Made in Berlin last week as part of DMY Extended.


Steel connecting elements on each leg component interlock, forming a trestle support.


A wooden slab with a corresponding steel plate along one edge slots into the gap between the first two components and creates a cantilevered table top.


Alternatively, two trestles can be used to support a much larger table top.


Intended as a writing desk or side table, the piece of furniture is made of powder-coated steel and solid walnut, oak, cherry or maple.


Photographs are by Yves Sucksdorff.

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Here’s a bit of text from Ett la Benn:


Escritoire ‘trestle’

As an escritoire, side table, storage or desk: ‘trestle’ is both multifunctional and space-saving. Composed of a dyadic underframe and a table board, its single components get interlocked by a plug-in function and can be constructed or removed with one grip. ‘trestle’ can be delivered in walnut, oak, cherry and maple wood, while the connecting parts are available in 4 combinations of high-contrast lacquers.

Material: powdered steel, three-layer slab of solid wood
Measurements wdh: 80 x 40 x 75 cm

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  • Prof. Z

    During Salone del Mobile , Zona Tortona six designer labels from Berlin MADE IN BERLIN 09 presented their latest products and prototypes to the audience for the first time (Coordination, ett la benn, llot llov, e27, Werner Aisslinger and Zeitgeist Toys.)
    Werner Aisslinger’s product had no comment in Dezeen
    DMY Berlin 09 Berlin is a second chance to see some the other great products and prototypes among 300 not 10000

  • very fine and great use of colour.

  • modular

    Photographs are by Yves Sucksdorff. Yeah. I would like to have this name, and I would call myself Mr. Sucks.

    Anyway, although this project is not something ‘from another world’, it’s great that Dezeen keeps posting this kind of stuff. I like when you guys post this :)

  • boffin

    ‘Werner Aisslinger’s product had no comment in Dezeen’

    and?this means nothing. if something has no comment i think it is to be taken as a compliment. a neutrality. transparent. its like an aknowledgement.

  • Sit on it. I dare you.

  • Prof. Z

    Boffin thanks fo your analyse… it’s very clear

  • Clean, simple, and beautiful tectonics. I want one… or two.

  • maris

    huh a table? what could you do on this? a piece of paper and a pencil and there goes the space. where does my shiny new macbook pro sit. scoff scoff

  • maris

    don’t understand. the hardware store sells more than adequate frames in many many different styles and capabilities. why o why are people continuing to produce the over produced. the world really has a problem with people that just don’t know when to stop. there is enough! ….of everything! and don’t comment back with something like ‘oh the world will be a boring place’ or ‘oh so why don’t we all just bla bla whatever…’ because i don’t want to hear it. If you think the world is boring without a mass of overproduction then you seriously have a problem with you’r imagination and value systems.

  • elisa

    I love it!

  • File

    Where can I buy it???