Exedra Nice Hotel By Iosa Ghini Associati



Italian architects Iosa Ghini Associati have completed a bar, breakfast room and conference centre for Boscolo Exedra Nice hotel in Nice, France.


The interior features tree-like columns and wood-paneled walls.


The bar is made of Corian and the floor of the conference centre is dotted with red, glass inserts.


Photographs are by Nicola Schiaffino.


Here is some more text from Iosa Ghini Associati:


The concept that informed the project was to create a contemporary version of the Belle Époque lines of the lavish historic envelope. Comfortable materials were used to merge the two styles, evoking the rich atmospheres of Italian style. A recurring design element is the lighted surfaces and installations along the walls and ceilings on several floors, underscoring the space’s qualities.


The bar space on the ground floor is positioned to be immediately visible, distinctly evoking nature and its gentle, harmonious lines. The sculptural bar counter finished in white Corian welcomes guests in an appealing atmosphere of Burma teak boiserie walls and lighted ceilings. The colors of the breakfast room are warmer, including teak wood floors, concealed lights of warm hues and boiserie. The buffet counter’s material dialogues with the large colombino stone fireplace, the space’s true focal point.


The conference center maintains the use of harmonious forms, adding a Venetian-style floor with red glass inserts that physically asserts itself in the rooms. However, its style is more dynamic, in keeping with the kind of work done inside.

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  • Prof. Z

    great i love Iosa Ghini , far from Crasset … and for from bolidism too

  • tanya telford – T

    i like the use of natural forms & they seem to have managed to make a contemporary, soft spaces which also look very functional, looks like a nice place to stay. The style also looks non over whelming & realistic i think – just my view but – because the chairs and tables are quite understated & – it seems like – the candelabra add some kind of personal touch, i think it might be good for conferences as well because it looks very calm – thoughtful conferences -, o and the drop lighting is quite light, – just my view, but i like it & it does seem quite a gental space, nice

  • tanya telford – T

    actually, what also makes it very very special is the type of wood used. I’m imagining the wood was (hopefully) either reclaimed or from sustainable forest. Very important. If im honest I do know the names of different types of wood cuts (radial etc) but i can’t tell from these pictures which ones they have used. I don’t no what “boiserie” means, might be connected.

  • tanya telford – T

    like “boiserie” & would love to work on bosierie walls,

  • Prof. Z

    see also nice photo in hoel site the natural spa … is gorgous

  • I love how they ‘transformed’ the columns to trees.

  • Prof. Z

    is there any felt stone by Marin a young french design living in Nice?

  • Iosa Ghini is very french there with some italian touchs eg floor : luxe wood panels + natural zen (tree +jouin water cellar light + smarin living stone)…why not with Bouroullec’s brothers products , too much?

  • tanya telford – T

    good question, ive just look at some of the Bouroullec’s new work & i have always thought they are very talented but this space as pictured is very subtle, i find it very balanced , relationship between objects, softness of curves, even many of angles are curved, all though not all of them – if you look at the doorways etc, the more i look at this space the more i like it, if find it very subtle & genital & i think that there’s some kind of honest functionality in the places that need it, yet places for imagination/where imagination has been used too. I just think as it is, it looks like a well balanced space & working with some soft aesthetics which i love.

  • Oh god, at first glance I thought this was called “Extra Nice Hotel” hahah. I was thinking that these guys were WAY up their _______s

    Very fun work, I like it.

  • Nice tree

  • nilo

    Great I like it, I’ve been there and the materials, including woods, are all sustainable. as Iosa Ghini wrote in his latst book ‘Sostenibile ma bello’ (Sustainable but beautiful).
    Fluid shapes but taken from nature, not only glass and metal.