Nestlé Application Group Querétaro by
Rojkind Arquitectos 2



Dutch architectural photographer Iwan Baan has sent us images he has taken of Nestlé's laboratory in Querétaro, Mexico.


Designed by Rojkind Arquitectos, the laboratory comprises cubic volumes with intersecting domes cut from underneath and is clad with metallic, reflective glass.


For more information see our previous story here.


The photographs are published in the June 2009 edition of Abitare.














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Posted on Tuesday June 16th 2009 at 2:48 pm by Brad Turner. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Rafel

    I don’t see how this building fits in the environment, just look at the surroung buildings. It seems like a design exercice, an exhibition. Not a real laboratory.

  • R

    @Rafel> You are right in saying it is a design exercise, but the site will probably be just an industrial zone so none of the buildings have been designed with the context in mind. On the fourth last picture you can see that the whole terrain is walled in.

  • probablycrazy

    must every building conform or respond to its surrounding environment?
    can’t a new building define its environment, instead of surrendering to existing infrastructure?
    not that i particularly like this design… but every building has some sort of relationship with its context. it is a statement that defines our time. something new and bright.

    looks like willy wonka to me. seems about right.

  • Phil

    isn’t this one hell of a repost?

  • Valeria

    It’s a fun design, I like it a lot!

  • tanya telford – T

    ok, this is a guess, but am i right in thinking that traditionally, mexican design, some where, some how, does have a bright & some how fun feel to it, i don’t know what the history is behind this influence but that’s my reaction when i see this building and read that its in mexico.

  • A

    great… fun… fresh.. perfect for nestle…

  • kingmu

    love it.

  • sIMON

    If I was the context I would be jealous. Keeping up with the Jones’s has never been so much fun :)

  • onvn

    that building is going to date very quickly with all that whim.. but its is nevertheless very fun! Wouldn’t want to work in one though.. I get exhausted just looking at it.. interesting take on a laboratory building.. Definitely an eye catcher in that area..

  • chris

    iwan baan is the god of architectural photography!

  • jelipe

    Hey Jose, what color is the sample of the new coffee? well it’s a bit yellower than usual…
    Nice project… very cheezy though (swiss)…

  • Joe

    It’s a very interesting look, but unfortunately it comes at the price of huge wasted spaces.

  • Isheet

    if it has been built its always worth it… i takes so much to design and to think of some thing new something like this…. yes and its not always necessary for the context to go with the design… i wonder if i will successful with my crazy ideas, trust me its not easy to think like a crazy..

  • It doesn’t seem like there was any effort to suit the design to its intended function. I see loads of wasted space and the randomly curved walls actually seem made to prevent the place from being all that useful as a lab.