Midsummer Snow Storm by Peter Liversidge



Midsummer Snow Storm is an installation by British artist Peter Liversidge for Jupiter Artland, a contemporary sculpture garden in the grounds of Bonnington House near Edinburgh.


The artificial snowstorm was proposal number 3 of 134 proposals submitted by Liversidge for the sculpture garden.


The installation took place on 21st June earlier this week.


Liversidge's 134 proposals for Jupiter Artland are compiled in a book called Jupiter Proposals.


Posted on Friday June 26th 2009 at 12:08 pm by Ali Morris. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • snowstorm

    pretty amazing installation.. it’s like a fairytale come true

  • Can we get this in Montreal in the following weeks ?
    It’s more than 30 degrees out there !

  • bodkin

    a bit more detail would have been nice. is it real snow? is it fake? what did they use if it is fake? can’t help wondering how it affects the plants

  • O.


  • freedom


  • bb


  • Amakin

    fantastic, I want one !

  • YU

    love the idea..

  • Zee Zee

    it is magical, but why are we such suckers for snow ? I wish I could’ve been there right in the middle.

  • James Tomkin

    I agree it’s magical, but what about more detail, what does this stuff look like close up ? what is it made from ? what was the clear up time ? environmental impact etc…

  • judith

    Looks great and reminds me of “The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe”! An amazing concept, and wish I could have been there.

  • J

    If the UK fails to meet their carbon dioxide emission reductions goals, we’ll know who to blame. This is a foolish project.


    If the UK fails to meet their carbon dioxide emission reductions goals, we’ll know who to blame. This is a foolish project.
    boohoo boohooo…. aye, it’ll be this wee project that caused it. get real. there’s a petrochemical plant about 15 minutes away from bonnington house – i’d hazard a guess that it is just a bit worse than this.

    yoghurt weaver.

  • Sums up Edinburgh really, can always have a chilly feel to it. Neat idea.

  • James Weaver

    why is it that when ever I look at these pages there is some nimby (J’s comment) who seems to have nothing better to do than be critical of another’s project, this piece has all the poetry and pathos that j’s comment lacks, get out more.

  • heros

    James weaver is right, what a crazy comment J’s is,
    it is beautiful;
    it only takes a moment to be lost in a dream.

  • hugh

    fantastic, pure fantasy

  • Brother James

    good work brother.

  • Rickard Khan

    Absolute magic, there is another place, and this is it.

  • Runner

    I love it is it going to happen anywhere else?

  • porto

    great looking piece, I’d want to see more of it, when and where is it going to be next?????

  • 134 proposals? bloody hell, I wanna be on whatever Peter Liveridge is on!!

    You’d think he’d quit after 10, even 25 proposals seems like quite a number. O no, not Mr. Liveridge. He must score his century. Fine knock young man:

    P. Liveridge 134*

    [man of the match]