Nature Factory by Makoto Tanijiri



Makoto Tanijiri of Suppose Design Office has designed an installation for the Diesel Denim Gallery Aoyama in Tokyo, Japan.


Called Nature Factory, the intervention will consist of plumbing arranged to represent an arbor of trees.


The installation will be in place 14 August 2009 -31 january 2010.


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Here's some more information from Suppose Design Office:


Diesel Denim Gallery store installation #5

"Nature Factory" by Makoto Tanijiri

Diesel Denim gallery Aoyama will be presenting a store installation "Nature Factory" by Makoto Tanijiri.

Denim as recognised work clothes formerly had, at times, shown different expressions as fashion items to the people. Equally, a group of plumbing, usually unnoticed, shows completely different expressions with a given name "Nature factory". The complex plumbing, trailing by the wall in all directions will cover all over the space, It is like a tree grown over a long time. An atmosphere like a natural arbor is created in the space covered with artificial plumbing.

New attractive scenery is presented with plumbing and fashion-items to show such primarily functional things are more diverse and also have higher value.

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  • Joaquin

    Suppose Design Office has been an on-going visitor of Dezeen, and I kinda like their work. Will follow.

  • Joe

    I hate that we don’t have a lot of stuff like this in Czech rep. Quite nice work, it really reminds forest and nature feeling.

  • jzi

    it’s interesting!!!!!! i hope to like that one here in the Philippines…. a weird architecture yet with strong sense of creation.

  • SnowBallCity

    I find it chaotic. Unsettling. Claustrophobic. Like I’m inside a pile of brush.

  • Valeria

    Plumbing everywhere? It’s definetly gonna attract some attention from whoever’s passing by, but instead of nature, I’m thinking what a mess!