Andon by Grasses and OUVI



Japanese architects Shin Yokoo of OUVI and Takako Shinmura of Grasses have completed a house with a walled garden in Chiba, Japan.


Called Andon, the house is surrounded by a high, black-painted wall but offers up one corner of the site as public space.


A patio is shaded by the upper storey and at night the garden is flooded with light from the glazed facade.


Photographs are by Shinjiro Yamada.


Here's some more information from Yokoo:

The garden was the one of the things which I sifted many demands and possibility.


To feel natural comfort we made the private garden and common space.


The one of the places feeling private garden is "under the eaves" in front of the entrance.


The depth of the eaves makes a place to feel with both the inside and the outside.


The garden was walled according to the road side.  It is to make the zone of the garden clear for physical and visual.


In the corner of the site, We set back a wall from the road. This is the common space.


These places connects building and the neighboring environment. A house is a personal thing, but becomes the part of the town at the same time to build it.


When a house reduced something to its elements in neighboring environment, the existence becomes significant. As a result, we hope that everyday life becomes enrich.


At night, a big window of the second floor lights up the garden. It seems to be a lamp with a paper shade lighting up the corner.


Project: Andon
Location : Chiba, Japan
Architect: Grasses + OUVI

Takako Shinmura

Shin Yokoo

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    Nice projetct! Simple, beautiful and elegant!
    But plans are always welcome.

  • ryan


    intermediate deck level is a nice touch

  • Wybie

    i really like the stairs

  • bartek

    beautiful stairs.. simply good!

  • Ints

    Is Japan only place on world where still architecture is alive? why so>?

  • sluggo

    Ints may be right. Why so? May have something to do(in the US) with architecture as a commodity and status item.

  • Roy

    In the US, we have those pesky things called building codes. The stairs would never fly.

  • The Japanese have a term, “shibui,” which basically means elegant restraint. I’m reminded of this every time I see a building like this.

  • gaque

    i dont find this work nearly as elegant as many other japanese houses posted here. i must say that i appreciate the variety of material colors, compared to the typical white washed houses, but this materiality is hardly restrained elegance. the floor material and color seems to be different in every room. moreover, the windows on the deck have a very peculiar arrangements. the main entrance in the courtyard also seems unresolved. im really just not very convinced by the spatial organization and resolution of the concept. the interior staircase is awfully clunky. the mix of round and rectangular didnt work well in my opinion. and why no photo of the garden??

  • gaque

    i dont think its the building codes that crash the architecture party in the US. its greed..