Dancing Vases by Robin van Hontem



Dutch product design graduate Robin van Hontem has designed a series of vases inspired by the movement of a spinning top.


The series includes five vases representing snapshots of the top's deceleration.


They are made of nylon using a rapid prototyping process.


Van Hontem completed the project while studying at the Academy of fine Arts in Maastricht, the Netherlands.


Here's a little text from van Hotem:


Robin van Hontem, a Dutch Product Design graduate, made the collection "Dancing Vases" for his graduation project. The vases are inspired by playing with a spinning top. A spinning top keeps itself standing by turning around. The  "Dancing Vases" are snapshots of these movements.


The collection consists of 5 different vases, 5 different moments in the movement. From turning fast, to loosing speed  and in the end dropping down.


These small vases, around 9 cm high, are made using Selective Laser Sintering. The used material is Nylon.

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  • B

    wohoe flashback
    I thought we past that subject

    or should i say:
    from the book: what do we call design these days
    chapter 36
    whatever you see on your computer screen make it for real.
    (or if you are a digital artist,..whatever you see in the real world, try and make it on a computer)

  • modular


    What does that go to do with this?

  • Nice. I like the notion that the flowers, while no longer blown by the breeze, can still have movement.

  • Xit

    Could B’s point be that they both vases captured in different stages of motion ?

  • B

    ok..modular.I thought it was obvious but i’ll try to explain..in an extra long and detailed version.
    when photography was first discovered and photographers started experimenting with the medium and started showing their pictures, painters all of a sudden also started painting paintings with half persons on it (from the waist up or sometimes half faces or other natural but unusual positions) something they had seen on photographs. Now we’re used to it and don’t really see it as something special.
    In design a similair thing happened when designers started using 3 d modelling programs and all of a sudden intersecting shapes appeared in design because it was something they had seen on the computer screen.first by accident but later as something accepted……but this was already happening 10 years ago and the front vase was one of the first …(not the first but one of the first as far as I know) ever since it has just become a simple “design trick” to just clone some shapes and call it design..I personally think the trick has lost it’s poetry a long time ago…and if the result of the cloning is not more than ..wel..3 intersecting vases..I would say, save yourself the effort and the materials.

  • sjaan

    B, it looks to me like it’s not really about that. I think it is more about balance, the vases need eachother to stand up:)
    Design is not just about inventing the wheel in my opinion, and the technique doesn’t even seem to be the motivation for this work to me.
    I like this work!

  • Ooo..oh?

    I liked this one better ……..it s only made 10 years ago.

  • Funny discussion above!

    Everyone see what he or she wants to see or imagine…
    Myself when I saw some of these vases, I thought immediately about the “derwich dancer”. See the link below, it’s a photo I found it from google images… Just as an exemple to compare the shape of the vase (not all) and the derwich turning around him self during this kind of pray & meditation:


    PS: we never really create something new, we juste modify what exists already, everything somehow is “déjà vu” :)

    Francois Beydoun

  • I adore this for the different vases offering snapshots of the movement. I wish they had done the same for the MOOOI blow away vase…

  • tc

    B you are so negative. its almost like this design has made you angry. cheer up.

  • charles

    I think B’s opinions are valid.

    But i like the vase.

  • jeje

    Say what you want, these vases are beautiful in there own way..

  • Ztef

    Who cares is something similar is done.
    Chairs are already invented but it’s the individual that makes it differ.

    I like it. It’s like a 3D photograph.

  • Funny – nobody mentioned the Eames’ spinning tops yet…