Frank, Ettore and Toyo by Chris Labrooy



Graphic artist Chris Labrooy has designed a series of type faces based on the work of famous architects and designers.


The designs are inspired by the work of some of Labrooy's design heroes: Frank Gehry (top), Ettore Sottsass (above) and Toyo Ito (below).


Here's some text from Labrooy:



ETTORE: Letter forms inspired by sottsass's early 80's furniture.


This period in history wasn't particularly beautiful, but was very colourful with shit loads of attitude.


This work is an attempt to revisit the past, get inspired, and share with people new and interesting interpretations on familiar historical works.


FRANK: The Frank image was fun to make because he has a rich and diverse vocabulary.


I was spoilt for choice when developing each of the letters but i settled for those which made for the best composition.


They include : Guggenheim Bilboa / Aerospace museum / Ghery house / experience music project / dancing house prague.


TOYO: The TOYO piece aimed to be simple and complex at the same time.


I love the combination of simple forms and inricate perforations. These letters are based on : TOD's omotesando / Tower of winds / Taichung opera house / Mikimoto department store.


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  • abeer

    awesome!!!!!!! great work ther:).. loved it

  • one


    Where is Michelangelo.. :-)

  • hj

    very cool project, when will the TrueType version be ready?

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  • roman kralya

    i love it! It`s very creativ!

  • Sandip

    This is fresh and refreshing. But are you sure these architects deserve a tribute?

  • Marian

    Love it’s style !!! Nice work and interesting approach to the subject

  • Francois Beydoun

    3D is often magical…

    Francois Beydoun

  • Morgan Geist

    Hello this is Morgan,

    These great masters have developed their art over decades to come up with what is now considered truly iconic and original.
    To have these “inspired” styles tampered with and regurgitated to spell out the name of the creator is truly an insult.

    Morgan Geist

  • Adf

    Very cool….

  • B

    Sandip should probably throw him/herself off of a bridge. We get it, you don’t like the mainstream. YOU ARE SOOOO EDGY!

  • nancy

    what fun! in a world going crackers, play is good.

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    v.nice .. Cool .. and funny :P

  • Andres

    Does anyone know where I could see bigger pictures as well?

  • zee

    Bigger pictures here guys

  • zee

    Theres alot more interesting stuff on his site.

  • kenzaf

    HOW about Zaha Hadid…must be

  • Sissie

    awesome and amazing
    i really want some~~~~~~~~~