Doors by Hiroyuki Tanaka Architects



Japanese firm Hiroyuki Tanaka Architects have completed an apartment in Tokyo, Japan.


The project involved installing a row of light wooden doors that open to reveal bathroom and kitchen facilities.


The ceiling and walls are stripped and left bare, while the wooden floor is bordered by decorative tiles.


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Photographs are by Takumi Ota.

Here's some more information from Hiroyuki Tanaka Architects:


This is a small renovation project for young couple in Tokyo.


Door is the only part that is allowed to move in the architecture that never moves.


Door of the Japanese traditional architecture is originally thin, light and dynamic boundary system, and we have been establishing our architectural history by inventing these devices.


For this project, we have re-arranged the plan to create the new elevation and new presence by doors. (photo of cards shows a joy of opening doors like a card game).


To reinforce this idea, we have also treated every kind of details attentively.


Mirrors with 45 degrees rotated stripe tiles give rhythm, small circle of green plexiglas with photo of forest is a cover for electric repair work.


Beams covered with light gauge steels represent some friction and tension with existing concrete ceiling.


Project name : doors
Project leader : Hiroyuki Tanaka
Project team : Hiroko Jinnouchi
Construction manager:Naritake Fukumoto / set-up


Date: study February 2009- March 2009
April 2009- June 2009
Area: 60sqm
Location: Tokyo, Japan


Photography: Takumi Ota
Artwork(green plexiglass):Mitsuhiro YAMAGIWA


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  • modular

    Oh man… I loving japanese architecture more and more. They make houses almost like a blank canvas, giving enough visual and physical space for us to go wild with our wicked furniture pieces.

  • steve

    Interesting if I had never seen a door before.

  • Simple. Clean. Very inspiring. Love the tiles detail.

  • Do you remember mai dire banzai’s game?

  • zetre


  • Too packing-crateish for me.

  • Simple concept and well done.

    Reminds me a bit of Shigeru Ban’s Sagaponac House #4. Good photos at this forum,

  • tanya telford – T

    love this, looks like an easy place to set up home, not over designed or over finished – room for individuality from inhabitants, really like the (informal) industrial concrete alongside the more domestic aspects, nice combinations.

  • Zabel

    Though I love a simple and pure design…
    I accidentally picked the wrong door and peed in your closet.

  • And still it feels as if there is too much going on. Like being pulled in different directions that then lead to nowhere..

  • angry catalan

    What I like about the kind of Japanese architecture that gets published on magazines (as opposed to what actually composes 95% of the buildings in Japanese cities, which is as terrible as what you find anywhere else) is how uncompromising it is. I love it, and I wonder how do they get away with it…

    As for this house, I love how it has this interesting spatial concept and the rest is stripped bare so the concept is what actually makes the house work.

  • Leandro Locsin

    no door lock and closer for this bathroom eh?