Bruggenhoofd Chabot by Snodevormgevers



Dutch designers Snodevormgevers and artist Paul Segers have completed a temporary structure allowing visitors to cross a hedge in Rotterdam.


The Bruggenhoofd Chabot (Chabot Bridge) creates a shortcut from the street to the garden of the Chabot Museum.


It will remain in situ until September 27 and the designers are looking for a new home for the bridge after that.


See our story about Snodevormgever's project in Milan earlier this year.


Here's some info from Snodevormgevers:


Bruggenhoofd Chabot is bridge/pass that transports visitors from the street into the garden. It creates a link between the visitor and museum.

The project is in collaboration with the Paul Segers ( and created for the Chabot Museum in Rotterdam (Wereld van Witte de With festival) and is still on display in Rotterdam until September 27, 2009 (opposite the Boymans museum).

The vehicle is eleven meters long by four meters wide and four and half feet high. It is a wooden structure consisting of a passageway with windows. Surmounted on an upper deck with a cabin. The cabin is accessed via a staircase from the passage. From the cabin has one view. The vehicle is parked across the back fence and gives the illusion of a recent landing. From the ship deck running cables on the balcony of the museum are thrown with hooks.

We seek an exhibition venue for this work from that date for a maximum period of 6 months. (For a longer period, the work should be treated). If you are interested or suggestions contact us or Paul Segers of the New Front Brabants mail:

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  • jk

    this should be introduced to all gated communities around the world :P

  • sis

    i love u rotterdam!

  • Looks like it was created in a gated community…

  • ysue

    i think this is cute. looks like a cabin too?

  • yimyim

    i think its a shame the opportunity to explore a meeting place in this project was not explored. It would be a bridging element between 2 seperate areas but actually becomes a liminal meeting place in itself.. would have been interesting…

  • R

    The flags are really ruining it for me!
    The idea of making a shortcut and thereby changing the experience of entering the Chabot museum could be explored more and result in something more interesting than this. It stays too much on the level of the object itself and does not explore what it can actually add.

  • Ewan

    funny how they concentrated on the outside, but not on the inside….

    a bit like gated communities.

    oh. nice statement, poor finish in my view

  • ano

    Snode vormgevers for president !!

  • Bien

    kisses to rotterdam!

  • Paul, Yorkshire

    Disgraceful, was it designed by a 4-year-old?

  • pooja

    its quite ugly but i enjoy the beginnings of the concept..
    though i think the idea of the transitional/ intermediate space could have been dealt with more thought and play..

  • Andrei

    Anybody noticed the armoured vehicle shape? It’s inspired by the armoured vehicles used by UN peace-keeping forces in war zones. I wonder why nobody seems to realize the sensitivity of this project: the UN Dutch peace-keeping forces in the Bosnian town of Srebrenica were accused by the international community of having failed to prevent the 1995 massacre, the Dutch state was even sued for that. Moreover, I know from sources within the European Parliament that the Netherlands would be a staunch opponent to Serbia joining the EU, precisely because of the Srebrenica episode.
    Quite a daring project, when you look at the whole political context.