Slim by Bevk Perovic for Vertigo Bird


Slovenian architects Bevk Perovic have designed a range of skinny lamps for Slovenian brand Vertigo Bird.

Slim by Bevk Perovic for Vertigo Bird 3

The range, called Slim, is comprised of a vertical pendant lamp, a horizontal pendant lamp and a floor light.

Slim by Bevk Perovic for Vertigo Bird 5

The collection is made of aluminium, polycarbonate and steel. Each piece emits an adjustable amount of light.

Slim by Bevk Perovic for Vertigo Bird 14

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Here's some text from Vertigo Bird:


Slim is a new light intended to bring innovative use of standard fluorescent lighting and enable it to be used in home as well as in the office.

Slim by Bevk Perovic for Vertigo Bird 13

The design intention was to try and ‘unite’ the light with the balast-module that always accompanies fluorescent tubes (standardly fitted to the ceiling) into a single object, whose overall appearance would make it more versatile and ‘open’ for more types of uses.

Slim by Bevk Perovic for Vertigo Bird 15

By uniting the two elements (a balast-module is housed in a bottle-like extension of the ‘minimal’ metal pipe, laser-cut for optimal light-emission) a new lamp emerges - one that is easy to use as a standard office lamp, freestanding lamp with a base, or an elegant vertical pendant lamp.

The direction of light beam is hand-regulated - therefore the lamp is coated in ‘soft touch’ mat-white colour, enhancing the tactile experience of the user.

Slim by Bevk Perovic for Vertigo Bird 2

The lampshade can be turned by 20 degrees.

Slim by Bevk Perovic for Vertigo Bird 6

The vertical pendant lamp does not need an electric connection on the ceiling because it feeds from the wall socket.

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  • I will say this, because it has been a peeve of mine for some time; the wire always defeats the purpose of the invisible wire. It annoys me standing in an office to see “floating” lights with a big white cable snaking up on one end. I wish this could be integrated into some sort of grounding system with the plenum space to make the anchor wires the power and ground safely.

    That aside, I am all for creating invisible light fixtures. The ways you can play with interior lighting in this manor are amazing. They next logical step is LED without a ballast using a diffuser to get a simple line of light. I could see these fixtures being easily arranged, as they are very lightweight, in ways reminiscent of Flavin installations. A single anodized tube, brushed lengthwise would be sexy as hell.

  • i like.

  • John

    Awesome. If I ever need a lamp that looks like a tampon, now I know where to go.

  • nombre

    i think its a lampe for luke skywalker!

  • It would not be the first connection I would make, but I do see what John is saying…