Community Centre of La Candida
by Adamo Faiden


Argentinian architects Adamo-Faiden have completed a community centre in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Called Community Centre of La Candida, the project consists of a small pavilion built on existing concrete foundations.

It comprises public toilets alongside one multi-purpose room.

Sliding glass doors allow one wall to be opened to the surrounding park.

Photographs are by Cristobal Palma.

dzn_Adamo Faiden 01

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dzn_Adamo Faiden 07

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  • Paul

    I can see the centre but I struggle to see the community.

    I do find these architectural photographs that are void of any signs of life really quite boring and repetitive ater a while – we do not live in a clean and object less society, therfore why do we continue to represent/design our schemes as if this is the case – please wake up!

  • Horta

    No toilet for disabled people? Nice detailling, only a pity the glass is so reflective on the outside..

  • It’s the return of the butterfly roof! It’s so FIFTIES! Anyway, not a bad bit of architecture, but nothing special either.

  • davvid

    Paul, the sign of life is taking the picture.

  • angry catalan

    I like it. Something this simple is refreshing. The texture of the side walls is very nice, too…

  • quinn

    There are no disabled people in Argentina – didn’t you get the memo?

  • J J John

    Paul….if it helps you to understand, you could always photoshop a person in, but remember to include a reflection

  • dha

    very nice..
    would be good to see more life in there..
    I like the project..

  • harry

    Great! It dares to be simple and modest. Modesty is a virtue.

  • paul

    Looks good, maybe a little simplistic – but sure beats the hell out of the public sector crap we see in the UK.

  • llll