Sous les Cerisiers by Ralston & Bau


Norwegian designers Ralston & Bau have completed the interior of a restaurant in Paris that combines Japanese and French food.

Called Sous les Cerisiers ('under the cherry trees'), the restaurant is divided into a light area with a bar for cooking during the daytime, and a darker room and VIP area for dining at night.

Mobile translucent walls divide the interior.

The restaurant's graphic design was inspired by theatrical costume fastenings.

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Here's some text from Ralston & Bau:


Sous les Cerisiers by Ralston & Bau

The latest restaurant design by Ralston & Bau is an intimate space in Paris that is dedicated to a balanced fusion of Japanese and French gastronomy. "Sous les Cerisiers" (under the cherry trees) is an invitation to taste the delicious cooking of Sakura.

Both cultures have influenced the theatrical interior concept. The classic opera and geisha cultures from France and Japan can be seen in the scenographic layers, costumes and shadows cast throughout the interior. A contrast of dark and light spaces divides the room: the bright area with the bar as a center point is used for cooking courses during the daytime, and the dark part, following a perspective angle, including a VIP space to enjoy a gastronomic menu at night.

Moveable and translucent walls separate the seating areas for privacy.

The theatrical influence from the interior design is continued in the development of the visual identity of the "Sous les Cerisiers" restaurant. A traditional textile costume clasp with soft, natural curves was the inspiration for the logo. The menu cards soft golden paper follows up the costume idea: through pre-punched holes a delicate ribbon bound the changeable menu sheets inside. Each menu uses a different style of classical theatre costume ribbon.

The official launch of the restaurant took place the 22 of September 2009.

Restaurant & Atelier
12 rue Stanislas, 75006 Paris

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  • I always like a daring idea. Nordic designers are among my favorites and this project makes no exception. The only thing I like less is the blue light. I think it cools the chromatic and the environment.

  • Dear David,

    thanks a lot for your feedback we appreciate…it is good to know what you think.
    the blue light is gradable and will be able to change soon of color, intensity …
    so you could have the shadow and warmth effect, or cold and refreshing effect.


  • I think this is an extremely funky, young and sheek place….. two thumbs up..nothing more to say :D