Irapuato Music Hall and Sports Centre
by Tatiana Bilbao


Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao has designed a music hall and sports centre for Irapuato, Mexico.

Called Irapuato Music Hall and Sports Centre, the five-storey circular building would host musical and sporting events in one central hall.

Shaped around this interior, the exterior of the building would incorporate bars, restaurants and terraces.

More about Tatiana Bilbao on Dezeen: Biotechnological Park Building.

Here's some information from the architects:



Irapuato, Guanajuato, México

Irapuato Music Hall and Sports Center will be a multipurpose building.

The five level circular building will host a wide variety of events, such as international music concerts, box fights, college events or traditional Mexican shows.

This arena is equipped with such a technology in acoustics and illumination that even the people seated in the back rows (as far as 23 meters from the stage) will enjoy their favorite show.

The exterior characteristic shape, resulting from the interior program, also includes bars, restaurants and terraces which brings life to the building everyday, even if the interior is not being used.

This building its situated in the INFORUM congress and fairy park, located at the north of Irapuato city.


Tatiana Bilbao S.C. was founded in 2004 by Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao Spamer.

This multidisciplinary studio has architecture as its main practice with projects in Mexico and various countries around the world.

In addition, the office constantly organizes different exhibitions and programs, therefore promoting contemporary culture.

The office develops architecture covering a wide range of typologies, being the main examples: a house for the artist Gabriel Orozco in the pacific ocean, a 1388 m2 gated community house in Ordos (China), a Botanical Garden in Culiacan or the Tangassi funeral home in San Luis Potosi, an Exhibition Room in Jinhua Architectural Park and the Mexican Pavilion for the Expo Zaragoza 2008.

In 1999 Tatiana Bilbao co-founds the Office Laboratorio de la Ciudad de Mexico S.C.(LCM).

Since 2004 she has been a visiting professor in Universities such as Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and Universidad Andres Bello in Santiago de Chile.

In 2007 Tatiana Bilbao was recognized by Design Vanguard Prize for being one of the 10 most influential, young practices of the world.

Construction: 10,000 sq.meters
Client: INFORUM, Irapuato
Design year: 2008-2009
Architectural project: Tatiana Bilbao SC
Principal in charge: Tatiana Bilbao Spamer
Project Leader: Francisco Solorzano, Judit Ferrando
Project Team: JJudit Ferrando, Maria Serafin, Juan Pablo Benlliure, Marco Lozano, Mariano Castillo
3D massing: Juan Pablo Benlliure, Marco Lozano
Renderings: AR3D (Miguel Angel Flores), Juan Pablo Benlliure, Marco Lozano
Model: Judit Ferrando, Maria Serafin
Structural engineer: MONCAD (Jorge Cadena)
Acoustic engineer: UST DESIGN (Jorge Galavis)
Installations: QM INGENIERIA (Jorge Quintana)

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  • There needs to be more architectural models on this site that are held together with drafting tape. Seriously.

  • uzey adris

    I like this kind of presentation rather than all-computer type of presentation.

  • 42studio

    Love the scheme and execution of this project. It has a sense of randomness and order at the same time.

    This project is all abou the section.

    Much respect,


  • JS

    Hm, guggenheim NY anyone?

  • bebo

    what is wrong with drafting tape, it is a study model, beside that is this a real critisism, i liked the layering of the project..but am not a big fan of the pure circular shapes in could be boring..

  • Ninian

    Bebo i think he was being serious!!

  • Manu

    @JS: are you seriously comparing this to the Guggenheim? Why? Because of the circular nature of its shape?

  • It’s really dancing, I like it.

  • sullka

    Excellent project.

    However, it seems like it’s main function would be a “plaza de toros” (bull fighting ring) I can see boxing also, but other than that, I don’t really see it as “multipurpose” as they claim it is.

  • Yomero

    I am a mexican architect and deeply ashamed that this project has been featured in Please let me tell you why. This is not a music hall and sports center, in Mexico we call this a "centro gallero". The fuction of this building is to host cock fights…

    Yes you read that correctly. This thing is a ring of death. Indeed there are musical presentations at the end of the fights but I for one do not condone any kind of brutal slaughtering of animals for the spectators pleasure.

    • Alexshit

      Cállate hippie.

  • 42studio


    Would you turn down this commission if it was offered to you?

  • Yoshio

    Are you an architect or a fanatic greenpeace member… its obviuosly you don’t understand anything about this project… I been stay in Mexico a few times and this complex has the name “palenque”, and use it to musical concerts, box fights, wrestling, and some concerts and few times to cock fights…
    This project has a perfect solution of a program and the scenario in the center has called Arena.

    This shape its spectacular.

  • Gabi

    Benlli!!!!!!!!! me encana

  • KB

    Quote : a “centro gallero” for “cock fights”?
    And I was wondering what kind of sports you can do in that arena.
    It’s a shame that the architect will design any building – regardless of what the building might be intended for.

  • @Yomero-
    That is so interesting: you think this is really a cock fighting arena? I guess its a problem of representation. The drawings are so staid and static with no hint of the life of the building.

    I was completely serious about the drafting tape. Helps destroy the myth that these schemes are miraculously conceived, right? They’re struggles like a death match between two roosters, perhaps?

    Oh well!

  • anthonyH2O

    …..fantastic, and so thought out.

    The feel is from a child and brain surgeon all rolled into one…I must see this in person.

  • Evan

    I went to a cock fight once in Paraguay. It was pretty boring, actually, certainly not nearly exciting enough to condone animal cruelty.

    @Manu: I agree with JS to some extent that this project resembles Frank Lloyd Wright’s later work, but less Guggenheim and more of his large-scale civic projects like the Point Park Civic Center in Pittsburgh (, which had a circular ramp wrapping up the complex. It was intended to be driven on, as a way to “bring the automobile into the social setting.”

  • Carlos Cabrera

    by the way it reminds me of the so called serpentina, from mexican posadas! jaja what a “great” concept

  • M*ART

    With wich software they made the modeling and the renders ??? does anybody kwnos????

  • Hector

    most elegant

  • Alicia Morales

    My name is Alicia Morales and I am an Architecture student at SCI-Arc and family is from Irapuato GTO. We visit our family who lives in Irapuato every year, and it is great to see that it has expanded and improved with its new buildings, shopping centers and other innovations. Irapuato can be a small city in many ways and it has its large areas with land that can be used to place large attracting building, parks or public spaces to have more tourists and visitors from others cities to visit Irapuato.

  • Its amazing, I think this is the beginning of the futuristic trend, all into one in a fantastic design