Dejection-moulding by Manuel Jouvin


French designer Manuel Jouvin has created packaging for cooked snails made of dyed snail excrement.

Snails are encouraged to eat coloured paper, which alters the colour of the raw material.

Called Dejection-Moulding, the project was developed in collaboration with snail farmer Sylvie Pierru.

Here's some text from Jouvin:


Post-graduation project "Dejection-molding"

During my researches, I pointed out that colored paper has an influence on color snail excrements.

In partnership with Sylvie Pierru, a snailfarmer in Picardie (France), we created packagings made of snail excrements and destinated to cooked snails. They are realised in the molding cellulose process by replacing recyclable paper by snail dejections.

Dimensions: 285x70x30mm

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  • Yum?
    I think not, this somehow makes me feel very queazy.

  • Well, you know what they say: “One man’s snail poop is another man’s art.”

  • Bear


  • holy shit!
    let’s feed cows with the colored grass they have now in the states. The grass thats spraypainted, cause its become to expensive to pay the water bills. Then we can use the green cowshit to make packaging vor steaks. Cows shit much more and they have four stomaches – maybe we can make them shit in CMYK! What a market!

  • gaque

    It’s not really getting rid of the paper used in the process, it’s just further processing the paper through snail digestive system…

  • Michael

    How long does it take a half dozen snails to produce the required pulp? I imagine over a snail lifetime, you would have more then enough material which would normally become a waste material. This is a rather fantastic solution and concept. Great research!

  • delicious project…. great colors.

  • Would it be wrong of me to say: holy shit! ?

  • Mike

    That is the best thing I have ever seen on dezeen.

  • cool idea… I wonder if there are any health issues related to wrapping food in its own s#!t. Also, it doesn't seem like a mass production solution to me.

  • Who would’ve think of this? I think it’s brilliant!

  • what is this?

    why purposely make the snails eat coloured paper?
    would you enjoy being fed coloured paper just so your poop could be made into a papier-mache looking packaging? Whats the point of waiting for the poo if the end result is just as alike?

    i dont get this.

  • mic

    this is just perverse, no feelings for a living being. if you have to eat meat, at least have some respect for you victims.
    like making book covers of jews skin in concetration camps during holocaust.

    snails are “encouraged”??? haha.

  • R

    “Snails are encouraged to eat coloured paper, which alters the colour of the raw material.” Encouraged? : )

    Very interesting and provocative project. Both the idea of influencing the colour of the raw material – the excrement – as using that for a packaging. Also the ironical twists of combining the consumption of the animal with excrement of the same animal and that the animal produces the tray on which it will be served itself.

  • Chris

    Maybe I am being cynical, but I’m not actually convinced that the tray is made from ‘snail dejections’. Is it possible to harvest that much fresh and dare I say it – moist snail sh*t suitable for the moulding in the time frame needed to complete the process?

    What is even more disturbing is that I am writing about the logistics of snail crap moulding and its production issues.

    Nice one Manuel, this is well comedy and for that I applaud you! Now go get a job.

  • Redfern

    I agree with dist – I don’t understand the benefit of encouraging snails to
    replace recyclable paper with their excrement, surely this is a waste of time and energy? Papier mache could be formed more easily directly from recycled paper. It is just for novelty value? It seems really tacky and pointless. Not to mention the ethical issues to do with feeding snails coloured paper in this way.

  • sup dawg

    omg that’s so stupid… go eat some coloured paper yourself, fu ckin’ idiot… and go get a job, we don’t need such crappy ‘designers’.

  • no, yeah

    cool project, although I am interested to know if the dyes in the paper stay in the snail – it seems like they might introduce toxins…

  • Dang! that’s wicked and brilliant at the same time!

  • Jo K

    Okay… I have a problem with this because there is no line that assured us the packaging is not harmful in any way… it made of colored paper that digested by snail, in which these snails eat whatever chemical coloring that used.

    Design creativity I give them full marks though