Basic Series by StokkeAustad and Frost Produkt


Norwegian designers StokkeAustad and Frost Produkt have collaborated to design a range of kitchen utensils.

Calling the project Basic Series, the designers intended to make a range of kitchen utensils which are strong, sturdy and easy to use.

The new products include a large wooden handled serving spoon and potato masher, stacking candle holders, a folding trivet and a chopping board with built-in compartments to put vegetables in once chopped.

The range also includes a glass water carafe, wine decanter and glasses.

The range was exhibited at 100% Norway during the London Design Festival in September.

Here's some text from the designers:


The series we have developed are basic kitchen utensils concerned with preparing and serving food. It started with a desire to develop a series of sturdy, durable and basic tools for the kitchen, emphasizing closeness to food and produce, and ease of use.

So the masher and brush has big ergonomic handles, the cork on the carafes are also large an easy to use, the trivet folds up and the chopping board has different compartments for cut produce.

We have not designed an entire range of utensils, but rather focused on some different products.

Today the series consist of a chopping board, a potato/mushroom brush, a masher, serving spoon/spatula, a trivet, stackable candleholders, water carafe, wine decanter and wine and old fashioned glasses.

We showed the prototypes at 100% Norway during the London design festival a few weeks ago.

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  • modular

    I don’t really know if I like this. It seems so dated and the thought ‘I’ve already seen this before’ keeps coming to my mind.

    Even though it’s a decent work, this is not fresh and exciting. Sorry guys.

  • StokkeAustad are emerging in leading design spots : Milan, London ,
    see 100 % norway in London design week

  • Pedro

    congratulations!, very good designs

  • River Atreyu Phoenix

    Something that actually looks beautifull and also works. Quite diferent from other designed articles that I have seen in this page.

  • Xit

    I’ve seen some of these products in the flesh at 100% , i find the trivet functional and playfull and the candle holder holds its own with it’s facetted interior and stackable form.

    I can understand Modular’s feelings with regards to ‘deja vu’ the chopping board is probably the least original product of the collection, but I think the other objects are honest and well designed.

    An object should be seen in the flesh to be appreciated, its very hard to judge from seductive photoshopped ‘mises en scenes’ and virtual images as often any visual flaw has been removed and functionality has become abstract.

  • I love this work! Super

  • Øyvind

    I think this is totally fresh. And the impressive part is that it is done in such a subtle way. The serving spoon is my favourite, but you have to see it in real life to fully appreciate it.

    This is very well done! Congratulations!