Everyday Special by Mr Jones Watches


British designer Crispin Jones of Mr Jones Watches has released a series of 366 unique watches - one for each day of the year.

Called Everyday Special, each one-off piece features the month written on the hour hand and spells out the day on the minute hand.

Customers are meant to choose a date significant to them.

Here are more details from Mr Jones:


Today Mr Jones Watches announces the release of a new model, welcome the Everyday Special.

This watch is different from all our previous editions: the Everyday Special is a set of 366 one-off pieces - a single, unique watch for each day of the year.

The hour hand on each watch spells out a month and the minute hand a day, no two watches are the same.

We all have a special date - for some it could be a birthday, for others an anniversary, or it could even be that day which changed the course of your life.

This watch lets you hold on to that date, transporting you back to it whenever you check the time.

“Everyone has a date that shouts at them when they see it,” says Mr Jones “this watch touches on that feeling. The design was partly inspired by those people who have written asking me to design a watch just for them - there is only one of each date, so these watches are truly exclusive. In addition the months and days are colour coded to make each watch individual within the overall series."

Each watch in the series comes with a signed and embossed warranty card.

Posted on Tuesday December 1st 2009 at 3:02 pm by Brad Turner. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Jordan

    I want Leap Day!

  • Filipe

    If a dead watch is right twice a day, these watches are ‘on time’ once a year.

  • kaptnk


  • liminal

    Lonely rich materialist seeks all 365 watches – for use only once, or maybe more…

  • I think that the concept is a little goofy but I love the packaging. Nice use of font, graphics, and branding. I want to buy one just for the packaging.

    Also I tend to forget things and see advantages that the watch has, like keeping me from forgetting my anniversary.

  • Ruby

    There isn’t a 31st of November… But he signed the date as though there is!


    Beyond that, I think it’s great!

  • Soleri

    Hey 21st June is my birthday! I wonder if I’ll be this excited each time i look at the watch. Probably.

  • Tokhir Dadev

    I love the concept, though at first sight I thought the arms of the watch were actually showing the current date, they were not.

    Surely, small descreet digital screens could be attached to the arms that would change in accordance with current time.

  • tini1782005

    simple!!! but beautiful. I really like it and want to get one :)