The Hybrid Project by Readymade Projects,
Mogollon and Daniel Hakansson


New York designer Stephen Burks of Readymade Projects has collaborated with art directors Monica Brand and Francisco Lopez of Mogollon, and photographer Daniel Hakansson to create a limited edition of posters depicting hybrid creatures.

Called The Hybrid Project, the images feature assemblages of found objects that have been photographed and collaged together.

Graphic elements have been applied over the top.

The posters are offset-printed and silk-screened, and will be available from the Readymade Projects website.

Here's some information from Readymade Projects:


The Hybrid Project

What is a Hybrid? In a word, it’s a mix, a mongrel, a collaboration and a contradiction. It’s an impossible juxtaposition of cultures, beings and objects. It’s the moment, the blur, the hapa, the half-breed - erasing borders, combining forces, re-thinking our mission on the planet.

Stephen Burks of Readymade Projects came back to Brooklyn after working trips to Africa, India and Europe and discovered that globalization was right at home in his studio – from the trinkets and handicrafts he brought back, to the objects he's collected on his travels and his own prototypes. Hybrid is more than a buzzword, it’s the remix and the layers of culture that influence us today and that will continue to inform our future on the planet.

The Hybrid project was conceived as a collaboration amongst Burks, art directors Monica Brand and Francisco Lopez of Mogollon and photographer Daniel Hakansson as an ongoing exploration and illustration of cross-disciplinary process, cross-breeding of projects and the cross-pollination of ideas.

The first collaboration of the project is a series of colorful assemblages – anthropomorphic creatures of uncertain origin who have a life of their own – a Hanuman astride an African basket with lightbulb legs and a wiry protective cage, a vase with powerful arms of beads wrapped around its chest, clips attached to its frame. From there, the “monsters” – as so many half-breeds are called – were photographed and collaged and given graphic treatments creating posters that are works of art on their own.

The tangible result? A limited edition of offset printed and silk screened posters to be sold exclusively on the upcoming Readymade Products website Declare your unity with pluralism. Be one with diversity. Are you a hybrid?

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  • El Zebra

    possibly some of the most beautiful design I’ve seen in a long time.

  • ‘CHARACTERISTICALLY COMBINED’ and ‘WE MIX THEREFORE WE ARE’ certainly have their ‘Memphis’ on.

  • Maga

    The perfect blend of talent and beauty.
    Congratulations and thanks for giving us the opportunity of enjoying those spectacular designs.
    I love the posters and I would like to get one for myself.

  • This is great..a healthy mix between dada and the unique mogollon style..marcel duchamp would be proud!

  • Jose

    Congratulation for that fantastic job. The designs show beauty, talent and good taste.

  • Rachel

    Wow- I am so impressed with these incredible and unique posters- fabulous design and photography! Well done!

  • fresh. sexy. and exciting. isn’t this what we all are now? this is the coolest project to have come along in ages. time for the new decade!

  • surely different and ambigous and challenging and coloured and … in a bit confusing- meaning a long life