Maison Hermès Window Display
by Tokujin Yoshioka


Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka has created an installation in Tokyo for fashion brand Hermès, where a movie of a woman appears to blow on a scarf hanging in the window.

Movie © Satoshi Asakawa/courtesy of Hermès Japan

Called Maison Hermès Window Display, the project is a reinterpretation of a similar installation designed by Yoshioka for Hermès in 2004.

It will remain in place until 19 January 2010.

More about Tokujin Yoshioka in our special category.

Here's some text from Yoshioka:


This is a design to introduce a world of fantasy, Hermes’ lively scarves, which now represent one of the significant brand images.

On designing a window-display at the 1F Maison Hermes, I intended to express people’s daily “movements” with a suspicion of humor. There are moments when I perceive a hidden presence of a person in the movements born naturally in daily life. In this installation, I created a space where one can perceive someone behind the scarves as if life were breathed into them.

The window is designed with an image of woman projected on to the monitor. The scarf softly sways in the air in response to the woman’s blow.

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  • jozu

    this is great. so easy. so witty. so cool.

  • ying

    funny, intresting, suites à hermès.

  • lior

    Shockingly simple idea and presentation that it is geniuses… – brilliant!!!

  • Modular

    Best window display ever!

  • Very interesting!!!
    Beyond thinking out of the box… this is thinking out of dimensions!!

  • uau! this is worth a few hour on the plane (london – tokyo – london) just to interact and photograph such beautiful installation!

  • Capstick

    I love it!!!!

  • juste ce qu’il faut, un souffle qui vous emporte vers un desir ….

  • sonja

    hard to bilieve sophistication. excellant

  • curb


  • Hayden


  • Dick

    Obviously none of you have been to a gallery/museum in the last twenty years. Nothing “outside of the box” here.

    • Rick W.

      obviously you have not been following anything with respect to ideas in human history. every creative idea is a reinterpretation/reallocation/rejuxtaposition of preceding things, and obviously the 'outside of the box' is referring to a retailer's window display, not a gallery/museum.

  • Amy KL

    Love it…

    Just like what Leonardo da Vinci said.. ” Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”.

  • efj

    i thought he did this already

  • Gianluca

    Very Poetic and wit.

  • @efj in 2004 (i founded no image on web )

  • It reminds me one of marcel wander’s presentation for his lamp in 2001.

  • I have seen many beautiful artworks in galleries but this work is equally beautiful and subtle.

  • ziva

    i love it!!!

  • ginny

    simply simple……and lovely.

  • ramesh

    beautiful……. and so so creative in it’s simplicity!!

  • I absolutely LOVE the creativity of this!